Warehouse management feature


Odoo has developed its various departments and these developments lead to online management. In every big or small firm, Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a software and process that allows organizations to control and manage them into the warehouse until the goods or materials are transported. At odoo, warehouse provides the improved process time and improve process time . Their complexity is also different. Some firms use a simple set of hard-copy documents or spreadsheet files, and some firms like odoo use WMS software, from small businesses (SMEs) to corporate companies.


       Warehouse design of odoo enables organizations to customize workflow and collection logic to ensure warehouse design is optimized for inventory allocation. WMS creates less stock and no stock outs at all for a box slot that maximizes storage and allows for seasonal inventory differences.


       Inventory tracking, using advanced monitoring systems at odoo such as automatic identification and data acquisition (AIDC), and barcode scanners to ensure easy access to goods when needed.


       Clear and retrieve inventory so warehouse staff at odoo can find goods (usually with light shedding or audio technology) to clear and unblemished inventory.


       Collect and assemble goods, including regional collection, wave collection and bulk collection is all reported through warehouse management software. Warehouse employees can also use batch build and task blending to most efficiently handle their picking and packaging tasks.


       Clear and precise reporting of in going and outgoing inventory that can be not be missed with the recordings of online portal.