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July 9, 2024 by
Rasha Al Haj Hassan
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Access rights are a crucial part of a safe and effective ERP. 

Restricting Apps/Menu's & Sub menus are out of the box features that facilitate the security access granting or denying for users. 

The "Hide Menu" App gives the administrator an easy way to hide Apps, menus, and even sub-menus for specific users.

This user has access to the following modules in the database and the user have by default access the contacts and dashboard.

We don't want this user to have access to Dashboard and Contacts, so we will select them in the hide menus tab.

As you can see we hid the 2 apps Dashboard and Contacts

Now in this case we want to hide all the sub menus in the "Customer" menu and only give him access to "Products" and "Follow-Up Reports" 


We add the following sub menus "Invoices, Credit Notes, Payments, Customers" in order to hide them.

As you can see the "Invoices, Credit Notes, Payments, Customers are hidden and only the "Products" and 'Follow-up Reports" are shown.

In this case we will hide the menus and only give him access to "My Time Off" ​

We hide the following menus that are in the Time Off app " Overview, Configuration, Approvals, Reporting"

We hid the above menus and the user only has access to "My Time Off" menu

Rasha Al Haj Hassan July 9, 2024
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