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June 24, 2024 by
Rasha Al Haj Hassan
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Lead time refers to the duration from the initiation of a process to its completion. By effectively reducing lead time, businesses can significantly boost productivity, resulting in increased output and higher revenue. 

We will focus on customer lead time and security lead time within the sales process. Understanding and optimizing these lead times can offer practical benefits, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Odoo 17 introduces the 'Customer Lead Time' feature, enabling companies to accurately manage and communicate delivery expectations, thereby maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

What is Customer Lead Time?

Customer lead time refers to the number of days required to deliver a product to a customer. This metric is crucial for scheduling precise delivery dates and times, ensuring customers receive their orders as expected.

This feature can be applied to individual products through the sales module. To enable it, navigate to the sales module, select the products menu, and then click on the products sub-menu. 


Create a new sales order, that provides the customer name, and under the ‘order lines', add the product for which we have set the lead time. After that, confirm the order.  

After the product has been selected, confirm the sales order. When we confirm the sale order we can see the ordered date, which is the date on which the order has been created.

Navigate to the 'Other Info' tab of the same sales order. In the delivery section, you'll find the expected delivery date, such as "Delivery date" which correctly reflects the 10-day lead time configured on the product form.


Click on the 'Delivery' smart tab on the same page to access the delivery order associated with this sales order. Here, you can review detailed delivery information. The scheduled date in the delivery order reflects the lead time configured earlier, ensuring accurate delivery scheduling.


Setting a customer lead time in the Odoo 17 Sales Module ensures timely delivery of products to customers, minimizing delays and boosting overall productivity and revenue for the company.

Rasha Al Haj Hassan June 24, 2024
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