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July 11, 2024 by
Rasha Al Haj Hassan
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Integrating Facebook as an authentication provider in Odoo 17 simplifies the login process for portal users. By enabling them to use their Facebook credentials, users can enjoy a quicker and more seamless login experience. 

Integrating Facebook as an authentication provider in Odoo 17 offers numerous benefits, including a simplified login process and enhanced security. 

This not only improves user convenience by reducing the need to remember additional passwords but also has the potential to increase user engagement.

To sign in to Odoo 17 using a Facebook account, follow these steps: First, visit the Facebook for Developers website and log in with your Facebook account. 



Provide a name for your App and create the App


Choose the product “Facebook Login” from the products.

Configure App basic settings

Ensure that the App Mode is turned from Development into Live.

To add Facebook as an OAuth provider, start by accessing the "Settings" section from the main menu in your Odoo17 instance.

Open the provider configuration to begin setting up Facebook as an OAuth authentication option for your Odoo17 users.

After configuring it, you can go to the login page, and there you will see the new option to log in with Facebook.

Rasha Al Haj Hassan July 11, 2024
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