Odoo 17: Picking Policies for Inventory Movements

July 4, 2024 by
Rasha Al Haj Hassan
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Efficient shipping operations are crucial for companies around the globe. The ability to process orders swiftly and accurately is vital, regardless of a company's size.

 Odoo 17 offers a robust solution for managing these operations through its Picking Policies feature.

Picking Policies in Odoo 17 determine how products are retrieved from stock for shipping upon receiving a customer order. 

To configure the picking policy in Odoo 17, 

Ship Products as Soon as Available with Backorders  

Selecting the "Ship products as soon as available with backorders" picking policy ensures that products are shipped as soon as they are available.

If an order is placed for a quantity of 7, but the on-hand quantity is only 5, the available 5 units will be shipped immediately, and the remaining 2 units will be created as a backorder.  

This setting enables companies to fulfill orders promptly and keep customers satisfied, even when stock levels are temporarily low. 


A backorder is an order that cannot be fulfilled immediately due to low stock or other constraints. 

Odoo 17 provides a streamlined process for generating backorders, enabling businesses to track and manage the remaining items when they are not available to fulfill an order. 

Operation types are introduced by Odoo to set some pre-defined rules allowing the full process of delivering and creating backorders to be fulfilled.

The user gets a message asking whether to create a backorder for the remaining products or not. 

On Quotation level ,we have the option to select the Shipping Policy for that specific sale order under the other info tab of the sale order.

On Product level we can see On Hand Quantity

Creating Backorders Upon Delivery Validation

When validating a delivery in Odoo 17, a pop-up message will appear, prompting you to decide whether to create a backorder for the remaining products. This ensures that any unfulfilled items are properly tracked and managed, allowing for efficient follow-up and inventory management. This feature helps maintain smooth operations and ensures that customers receive their complete orders as soon as possible. 

Managing Backorders in Odoo 17 

 You have the option to either create a backorder or not.

Clicking "Create Backorder" allows you to process the remaining products once the stock is updated, ensuring that backorders are handled efficiently. 

If you choose "No Backorder," the remaining quantity will not be processed.

Upon clicking "Create Backorder," a backorder for the remaining products is generated.

 By navigating to the delivery smart tab, you can see the status of the orders: the delivery for the available quantity will be marked as "Done," while the delivery for the remaining quantity will be in the "Waiting" status.

 This clear status tracking ensures you can manage and fulfill all parts of an order effectively.

On Sale Order Level

Once the product quantity is updated in the stock, the back order will be processed and the remaining quantities will also be shipped. 

Configure the Shipping policy in the other info tab of the Sale Order as well.

Once the product quantity is updated in the stock, the back order will be processed and the remaining quantities will also be shipped.

Properly managing the picking policies in Odoo 17 is a crucial first step toward streamlining your shipping processes and enhancing overall inventory management efficiency. With Odoo's extensive feature set and customizable options, you can easily tailor your picking policies to meet your specific operational needs. 

Effective picking policies are beneficial for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations. They provide the foundation for success in today's highly competitive business environment by ensuring that your inventory and shipping processes are optimized for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.



Rasha Al Haj Hassan July 4, 2024
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