10 Steps To Improve Lead Conversion
Using the internet to reach consumers.

10 Steps To Improve Lead Conversion

Using the internet to reach customers known as Digital Marketing is the modern billboard adds that turned from paper to binary.
The internet is full of softwares and solutions that companies run to in order to get assistance in their marketing strategies’, at the end to find it difficult to utilize them all at the same time ultimately causing them to lose time AND money in the long run.
That’s why Odoo is your exact solution where you find all the needed solutions right under the palm of your hand.

Lead conversion on other hand is the process of converting a lead into an Account, contact, and or opportunity. Created from marketing events let’s check how Odoo made that easier.

Odoo has an option to generate leads before converting them into opportunities. Opportunity is the next stage in your sales process, once you have qualified the lead.
But before that, why do we even need a contact form?

​​This form is basically a space where you can add your client’s details such as (name, phone number, email ….) getting in touch with your leads is very important, maybe some need to input feedback, or know more information on what your client would like to see in order to win him. Of course, we can fill that on a paper form, but it is way time consuming, even when while organizing or trying to find a specific client with specific needs. With an online contact form, the number of fields can be minimized. It doesn't ask for much information only about what fields are necessary and wisely choose. Also, can avoid comments and feedback as in paper format. We can collect it later on the deal is fixed.

Here in Odoo, automated lead generation is an advantage for easier marketing. First, let’s make sure that "the contact module” and “website” are installed in your dashboard.
Go to Apps>contacts.


Make sure the two modules are installed correctly.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


After installation of the Contact module go to the website module> Go to Website

Click on contact us and a contact form opens, where the clients can enter details and information.


Click on Send. Then a message will show on the screen that the message has been successfully sent.

Thus, the visitor has submitted the form, this will generate a lead automatically in the CRM.

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Odoo • Image and Text


Go to CRM > Leads > Leads, there you can find all leads. The generated lead from the contact form can be seen here.


This lead is later transformed into an opportunity.

Now that you have all the details needed, you can convert this lead to an opportunity like calling the client. Click on convert to opportunity. Don’t forget to hit the Save button.

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If that lead section is not enabled.
Go to CRM application > Configuration > Settings > Enable Leads


After enabling the leads in your Odoo CRM application, you will notice a new tab on the top next to the sales tab where you can manage your leads.
Now back to create an opportunity a new window will pop up with respective options available.

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Now you will be able to see your new opportunity in your “pipeline” under your sales tab. This way you can keep track of your leads and convert them into opportunities on the go in Odoo ERP.


Odoo has a great option to automatically generate leads and assign them to a salesperson with income emails to a specific email address.

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Odoo • Image and Text


To activate this function, follow the below path and configure your email address.
Go to CRM application > Configuration > Settings

Databases may differ based on the software solution in use or the job of the employees who use them (sales department, communication department, accounting department, etc.)

In Odoo’s centralized solution, you are in control of a standardized framework that is sure to boost efficiency. The built-in search filters allow each employee to quickly find the contact information they are interested in: industry, company size, last reminder sent, etc.

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10 Steps To Improve Lead Conversion
29 September, 2020
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