When your business expands, keeping track of the orders and serving customers becomes more challenging. More customers generate more profits, but maintaining a relationship with each customer becomes harder.​

In increasing client loyalty and maximizing company performance, booming client engagement plays an important role. a well structured ERP can reinforce client relationship management. To support client relationship management, Odoo 14 is said to be one of the strongest ERP systems.



Step by step guide

First Step

Start by downloading the CRM App, from Odoo Apps,

Apps > Search > CRM > Install

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Second Step

Click " Generate Leads"

Generate Leads

By clicking on Generate Leads

You will see a pop-up, there you will fill in the required information, related to the type of customers you are targeting. 

For example, You are a warehouse company, and you need to expand. However, you don't where to expand to. So you wrote down three countries, United States, Ireland, and United Arab Emirates. 

Now Odoo 14, will provide you with form to fill in, in order to select your top choices. 

After filling in the form, click Generate Leads.

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The top 3 names have appeared to be Netflix, 20th Century Fox, and Disney.

Now Click or access one of them.

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Collected Information

Odoo 14 CRM was able to gather the following information, just by clicking on Lead Generate. 

This will reduce data gathering and organizing time. The next step will to contact the decision maker and convince them to make a deal.

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Odoo CRM is proven to improve client relationships and thereby lowering prices, compete with your competitors, and increasing profitableness.

Not only will the CRM program facilitate help current clients, but also to draw in new customers.

It's  an ideal platform for coordinating the business operations, automating the processes, and supporting the team in alignment with the customer before the shifting to Odoo CRM.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.