How To Run A Restaurant With Odoo POS
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How To Run A Restaurant With Odoo POS


On the 30th of September and the 1st of October, Odoo invited everyone to attend the Odoo Experience 2020.

During The Odoo Experience 2020, Odoo CEO and Founder Fabien Pinckaers, revealed Odoo 14 and provided several examples and information related to the difference between Odoo 13 and Odoo 14. 

The video above is one of the examples, of How Odoo POS can help with your business. The video will also provide personal experiences from Gael and Alex from Niboo. 

Gael Rabier is one of the cofounders Niboo, and Alex is the future CEO of Niboo.

You will hear from Gael and Alex on their personal experience and why they chose to switch to Odoo POS.

What is Niboo?

Niboo was founded by two friends in Belgium, 2014, and now represents a human-centered working environment of 18 workers, all making sure that the consumer's ERP is implemented according to the customer's needs. 

Niboo kept thriving as years passed by and has now entered the American Market in order to diversify its contacts. 

More information related to Niboo, visit Odoo Partners

Odoo • Text and Image
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Why did You decide to switch Solutions?

The main problem was that the servers we had ran on Windows 97, which is pretty old, so we had to constantly repair it. 

And since we had 25 different programs, we had to pay for 25 different subscriptions, which is going to cost you a lot of money. 

In the end, you only need one system that can run all 25 programs and more.

There are two main technicalities here:

The first one is you have your employees, waiters, and waitresses, running around in the restaurant and they have to synchronize what they are doing. 

In other words, if a table orders two pizzas and then another waiter comes in 10 minutes later, and they want to add something to their order, ao you need to synchronize the different devices with the cash register because they might pay with different methods, therefore, all the devices in the restaurant should be in sync.

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Odoo • Image and Text

The second Technicality:

The menu is quite complex, it looks simple, but in reality, it is more complex than because people can order a pizza box with four pizzas in there, and then they can choose the type of pizza to different sizes, and different toppings. 

All that has to fit on a small device, and it has to be fully automated by Odoo POS  do you can't just choose the prices and match the prices they have on the menu because they where build by a commercial person, so you have to make it all in the system and also maintain. 

​​Trial and ERROR

What change really needed to happen and What was that process like

What Changed?

We always tried to push for a full standard Odoo POS, but here we knew, from the very beginning, there would-be development for sure, and for some functionalities, you don't know which one is going to work on the field so you just start with one, or they might require something like a button to have, " no ice". 

You start by saying no in the beginning, then Maybe, then let's test it. Or your employees might suggest going on strike if you don't have it.

So for some functionalities, we don't know so we try to have trial and errors until we can work as much as we can, but now you can work as much as you want from home or the office but in the end, you will need to test it and implement it on the field.

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What was the process like?

The first day you open you have an issue with the network or with something else, and then you try the next day until it works. 

What was the testing like?

The new service, from our workers' point of view, every change is hard, and the employees take their time to adapt and get familiar with the new changes.

For example, the older generation of our workers, take longer to adjust to everything because they been working on the same old software for a really long time.

one of the issues was the synchronization, in the beginning, was harder, because we had tables and orders that would disappear or get sent to the kitchen twice. Going back and forth during the weekend rush is bad for business.

What you wish you knew before you started with Odoo POS

Put the effort into doing the analysis, in the very beginning. I think that was the hardest part with us, that the people from our company, which were my dad and stepmom, were involved in the entire company. Even though, they have taken barely print out documents. Therefore, they were not the best people for the job. The best people to care with them through the restaurants and tell them what the business is actually about and all the little things that we actually need because with them it's just "Oh! you put in the pizza order in the computer and then it gets made, but it's a harder process than that.

You have to put the effort from both sides, Odoo POS or Niboo, and the potential client to do a formal analysis of the company so you would have an idea of how much work you need to put in, and how much it's going to cost you at the end of the day to make a realistic budget in order to understand where your business is going.

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How To Run A Restaurant With Odoo POS
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6 October, 2020
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