Odoo Inventory

Inventory Management Solution

 Inventory management enables you to control & oversee order  inventory, storage & stock, and also the sale amounts per product. Being a business or a warehouse owner even if you are running an online shopping store, keeping track of your products making sure you have enough quantity of every single item especially if orders start to stack up, and start to upsell even have back-orders can be time consuming and tough to manage

Subcontract Manufacturing Efficiently

Most of the manufacturing companies out there in the world are working with subcontractors. It can help them to save time, effort, and resources with getting work done if your manufacturing company doesn't have the resources or technologies to produce something needed for an end product internally.

Manufacturing Process with the Work-order Tablet View

hile you are engaged with the process of producing goods through your manufacturing company, you will often come across complex workflows. You will have to focus on many different steps, which involve many different people, components, and even locations. As a manager, you will have to manage all these aspects and make sure that all the manufacturing processes take place in an efficient manner.

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning

Material Requirements Planning was a concept that came out to play during the fifties. It was computerized in the sixties. Along with that, it has come a long way, and it is currently dominating the manufacturing industry. You can think about calling Material Requirements Planning as the dominating planning principle used within the industry as well.

Implementing Odoo in a Manufacturing Company

Odoo is one of the trusted ERP systems that you can find in the manufacturing industry. A manufacturer who gets Odoo ERP implemented will be able to experience a variety of benefits. As you already know, your manufacturing unit is made out of a large number of activities when compared to any other industry.

Advanced Manufacturing Planning

Planning is an essential part of the manufacturing life cycle. Here, a manufacturer should focus on managing resources and inventory in the most efficient manner. It has also become necessary for “make to order” and “engineer to order” manufacturers to focus on advanced manufacturing planning.

Inventory Management

As loads of diverse activities move into inventory management, economical software package like Odoo inventory management is of utmost crucial and important for streamlining each action. It helps businesses manage their product or inventory without any problems.