Trading Industry

When it comes to trading, Odoo ERP does a powerful planning on stocks and inventory and also decide upon the profitability and customer satisfaction. It smartly caters to the maintenance of different warehouses or multiple billing locations via ensuring real-time information.

Managing Multi-Channel Selling With Odoo

Most of you would be aware of this, so I'm not going into the details, but to put it in simple words, selling on more than one sales shell.As multi-channel selling, probably some of you are already multi-channel sellers right now and why do this today.

Sell Everywhere with Odoo

eCommerce businesses want to sell on all available marketplace platforms starting with Amazon, Ebay, Shopify and their own eCommerce website, etc.
ERP Cloud LLC worked with its clients to create all in one solution to fix all of these issues so business owners can focus only on sales, and adding more products to their products list.
Our Solution to all the above issues consists of three main functionalities:

Odoo and Sales Management

Odoo is an easy to use management software that can be adapted to any type of company regardless of the size. With 3 million users worldwide and a wide range of applications, this Open Source ERP is really what every company needs.

How To Organize, Promote and Sell Your Events

In this article, you will learn how Odoo Events is the only solution you need to be able to create and manage events of many types and extent, from sponsors to speakers and attendees. You will also learn about the new functionalities...

Reasons Why Your Company Needs ERP

This software system allows for better performance and project management that helps in reporting on an organization’s financials and processes. It is commonly used by companies for a better track of to progress and brings together customer management, human resources, business intelligence, financial management, inventory and supply chain capabilities into one system.

COVID 19 Impact on E-commerce (survive the pandemic)

Due to the impact of the pandemic, some business has either shut down, reconstructed, or merged with another company to stay in order to survive. Therefore, all types of companies are facing unexpected challenges for all companies all over the world.

Validate an Unpaid Invoice

You might have multiple unpaid Invoices. It is easy for all of them, everything will appear in front of view when you access the Accounting App.

How Odoo Helped An Organization Grow Threefold

Join this discussion between Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire, and Kevin Clor, CTO of Tentandtable as they discuss the difficulties and challenges faced by Tentandtable and the digital transformation Odoo brought to their business processes. Hear about their experiences...

Multi-Channel Selling Tool For Online Retailers

To begin selling on a new the channel is the credit listing, on that channel let me show you, how you can do that with the listing management feature in our module.

We utilize the product table in Odoo and master product information and added information