Benefits And Reasons To Invest in Custom ERP Development

December 29, 2020 by
Benefits And Reasons To Invest in Custom ERP Development
Ismail Harake

Custom ERP Development Solutions

A rising number of organizations are taking a particular interest in custom ERP development program creation as we approach 2021. Understandably, an ERP solution will unleash a set of opportunities for businesses to develop and expand. It is an effective way to effectively handle mission-critical workflows with a reduced human effort by allowing automation at any stage of business. Besides, with real-time insights and advanced analytics features, you get quick access to company data and employee activities. Before anything, a custom ERP development solution helps businesses to improve productivity and streamline their workflows. 

When an organization develops and evolves, the management of capital in the absence of enterprise software becomes more complicated and demanding. It is therefore important to build a full-scale enterprise software solution to intelligently drive business processes and to achieve business success.

It's not difficult to find the expertise for custom ERP development applications with the availability of a multitude of vendors and ERP solution providers. However, it can be a difficult task to pick the correct platform and ERP development company. 

At ERP Cloud LLC, we have developed ourselves successfully as a seasoned ERP development company that provides businesses with cross-industry ERP solutions. Our development team objectively analyzes the business needs of customers and chooses the correct model of enterprise software to streamline their inbound/outbound processes. With improved protection, interoperability, and operational performance, our custom &  personalized ERP application development services are conducive to increasing business productivity.

Why Custom ERP Development?

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More businesses are investing in custom ERP development software creation instead of opting for vendor-based solutions. It provides them with greater flexibility and better control over the business, leading to increased revenue and enhanced management of customer relationships.

Let's get acquainted with the basics before delving into the technical aspects of the custom ERP development applications. 

To address an organization's requirements, a custom ERP development system is designed and includes enterprise-specific functionality. To solve the challenges that an organization can face during its regular activities, the features are introduced from scratch. Compared to off-the-shelf ERP systems, it is more versatile and agile and is thus more likely to support the business in the long run.

Almost all ERP solutions enable their customers to carry out their operations in compliance with future demand. Odoo is one of those ERPs that, for all facets of business, provide ultimate business management. The customization elements in the ERP allow users to implement the concepts of their company service to be run on the Odoo platform.

Let's address the key advantages of developing a custom ERP application in comparison to off-the-shelf ERP solutions:


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Flexibility and improved control over mission-critical business operations are some of the key advantages of custom ERP development software. However, flexibility is vulnerable to the type of customization performed by the business designing ERP applications. As a result, some ERP systems, depending on their enterprise-specific requirements, can be more versatile than others.

Off-the-shelf ERP systems, on the other hand, are more linear and may not be capable of meeting the specifications of any business. However, they can also be tailored to some degree to suit the demands of the company and meet their business requirements.

Support and Upgrades

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By obtaining an ERP application custom-built by a team of developers, you gain full control over its functionality. In addition, to solve complex business problems, you can easily update the application to improve its capabilities. An off-the-shelf ERP system, however, receives upgrades from the ERP vendors directly. This implies that the client enterprises have no influence over the new features and enhancements that are coming their way. 

Similarly, for solving software problems and troubleshooting errors, they depend on vendors. 

We provide on-demand support and maintenance services at ERPCloud LLC to ensure the smooth performance of your custom-built ERP application across platforms. We constantly track the performance of your software and take necessary measures to maintain consistency, including during instances of peak load. Our development team performs routine system checkups to fix glitches and complicated software problems quickly.

Development Time

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For many organizations that need to implement ERP solutions within a specified time period, development time may be a concern. It's very clear that it would take less time for an off-the-shelf ERP solution to install and deploy in any business setting. Although the timetable will vary from project to project, the configuration, training, and implementation of an out-of-the-box ERP software usually take 2-5 months.

The time required for custom ERP development application creation, however, is difficult to accurately 

predict. Since a personalized solution is designed in line with an enterprise's requirements and goals, the time of implementation can differ significantly. While custom development can be more time consuming, considering the long-term benefits it offers, it is certainly a more profitable investment.

Cost Efficiency

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Due to financial factors or cost considerations, a majority of companies refrain from investing in custom ERP application development. It is clear that companies can dramatically reduce their project costs by opting for vendor-based solutions. Because custom ERP development solutions need a development from scratch, they appear to be more costly than their vendor-based counterparts. The cost of creating a custom ERP development software, however, depends on the 

type of application, the number of features/integrations, and the time it takes to create. Therefore, it may be cheaper to build a simple business application with basic features than to use vendor-based ERP solutions.

Conclusion: Custom ERP Development Solutions

For startups or small businesses who seek to minimize their manual effort, opting for off-the-shelf ERP systems can be an ideal option. However, these vendor-based ERP solutions can not suffice in the long run as the company develops and expands. Naturally, if you are a start-up, the cost factor matters a lot. Therefore, if your company needs to run in a small region with a restricted workforce, then you can better bet on an off-the-shelf ERP system. However, if you want to grow with an expanded workforce to new areas, the correct approach is to create a custom & tailored solution for greater versatility.

Odoo is one of the ERPs that is advanced both in usability and customization aspects. Moreover, it is a reliable and cost-effective strategic tool that can serve as a user's complementary tool. In addition, the app allows customers to incorporate third-party devices with advanced software in order to operate the business in their own way. 

Odoo implementation can be achieved in and around the world through Odoo accredited partners. ERPCloud technology provides services such as Odoo development, implementation, customization, migration, support, and maintenance, as one of the best Odoo perfect partners, and we have outsourced developers to you to introduce Odoo in your business.

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Benefits And Reasons To Invest in Custom ERP Development
Ismail Harake December 29, 2020
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