Benefits of Cloud ERP System

The Benefits of implementing Cloud ERP
September 28, 2020 by
Benefits of Cloud ERP System
Ismail Harake
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Benefits of Cloud ERP


What is Cloud ERP?

Cloud-based ERP is a set of application and tools for ERP that the provider hosts and maintain off-site, in the cloud. With cloud deployment, rather than IT management, you can concentrate on running your business. 

What is Traditional ERP System?

Traditional ERP is a set of software and tools for enterprise resource planning, ERP, built locally on your hardware and servers, and operated by your IT. In other words, the maintenance responsibility is on you. 

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Difference Between Cloud-based ERP & The Traditional ERP System

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Traditional ERP

You only purchase the core software framework once for traditional ERP systems, so you will be charged etra cost to manage and upgrade your software and hardware, recruit an implementation specialist, troubleshoot problems, and keep your business up to date and growing. 

Cloud ERP

The management and maintenance burden is imposed on the supplier rather than on your company by cloud-based software-as-a-service, Saas, systems. 

Cloud-based ERP, delivers up to date apps, that are continuous and seamless, already included in your minthly subscribtion.

Benefits of Cloud-Based ERP

Improve Communication

Eliminating geographic barriers: The need for collaboration between multiple locations is the number-two reason why organizations choose Cloud ERP tools, according to Aberdeen Group.

Cloud ERP fosters communication, regardless of global distance, both internally and externally. 

Increasing transparency: Teams often operate based on their functions in the traditional business model.

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Lower Costs of Operation

One of the key advantages that Cloud-based ERP provides, is that it is much less costly than the traditional ERP Systems.

You may pay for the program once by way of a license when you install on-premises, but you have other expensive expenses such as server purchase and continuous maintenance, development and management of databases, initial implementation, IT staffing, energy costs, and server protection and data backups.

You pay less upfront with Cloud-based ERP, and your total ongoing running costs are much lower because you are taken care of by the provider for updates, maintenance, and security.

Focus on the Business

Cloud ERP Suppliers take on much of the responsibility of operating a complex ERP system, you can spend time growing a sustainable, profitable operation on what matters. 

In other words, you get to concentrate on what you are best at. You can focus your time on areas that directly affect the potential business development. You don't have the time to stop and think about software updates, downtime, and security problems

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Thanks to the global-ready, real-time, and mobile access that comes with cloud-based ERP deployments, sales automation is also optimized. 

Your partners, clients, and vendors can connect to your device seamlessly from anywhere in the world with Cloud-based

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Security And Compliance

Cloud-based ERP suppliers, such as ERP Cloud, provide world-class customer security support and safety. ERP Cloud has a robust security architecture. With physical network interface cards, user passwords, and 24/7 support, we help businesses secure and organize their data, and build protection for every layer.

A comprehensive security strategy helps predict and mitigate disturbances, providing you with a more free schedule to focus on improving your business.


There are several advantages that are offered to a growing company, through Cloud-based ERP apps. You will require a certified agent, that has a suitable reference and background check in order to take full advantage of the Cloud-based ERP system.

In addition, while focusing on your business, you will be able to expand and reach a higher level fast than you could have predicted. Remember that in order to grow and improve you need to correctly implement Cloud-based ERP.

For Additional information regarding Cloud-based ERP and ERP software please contact us, here at ERP Cloud we are certified Odoo users that would love to help you with any problem you are facing.

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Benefits of Cloud ERP System
Ismail Harake September 28, 2020
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