Benefits of Odoo 15 PLM

Odoo Product Lifecycle Management
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Benefits of Odoo 15 PLM

Product lifecycle management is one of the key facets of the product operating industry. Product lifecycle management is the process of controlling a product's lifecycle through design, service, manufacture, and sales. A business can design a new product and enter the market fast by using PLM. With the manufacturing cycle, the market risk of commodities is effectively reduced, helping your firm to expand. The correct management of the procurement of commodities to the sales activities of a firm is accomplished through the PLM. Using the Product Lifespan Management module in Odoo 15, you can process and manage the lifecycle of raw materials in a business.

This blog provides information on Odoo 15 PLM Product Lifecycle Management.

Utilizing product lifecycle management makes it simple to determine the cost necessary for a production process in a corporation. Users can quickly plan returns and determine production costs. The Product Lifecycle Management module of Odoo 15 properly tracks, designs, plans, and manufactures a material handle. Let's now look at some more sophisticated advantages of the Odoo PLM module operating in a US organization.

The Odoo PLM Module  advantages

Management of the Bill of Materials for a Product

A bill of materials is a list of the parts, quantities, subparts, assemblies, and other services that go into making a product. Users of Odoo 15 can benefit from better BoM support thanks to the product lifecycle management module. The Master Data tab gives you access to the Bill of Materials menu, and you may view the data for any existing BoM in your system. Product, BoM Type, Company, and reference information are all indicated in the Bill of Materials window. As indicated in the screenshot below, click the CREATE button to create a new bill of materials (BoM) for raw materials.

We have access to the quantity and BoM type of a product through the Bill of Materials window. The screenshot below shows how users can add components for the manufacturing product.

For the construction of the product Cabinet with Doors, we chose materials like Wood panels, screws, and large cabinets. In addition to this, by selecting the Routing Performance tab, as seen in the screenshot below, we can track product routes.

Finding a product's structure and price via the BoM window helps increase workflow. Additionally, creating various engineering bills for materials within the Bill of Materials is simple. As a result, we can easily manage operations for a particular commodity.

Lifecycle Management for your Products with Exactness
Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) allow us to monitor the life cycle of a product. ECO can be used to obtain updates and modifications for a commodity. Utilizing the Engineering Change Orders support, users can set priorities and prepare to develop BoM for goods. Selecting the Changes tab will open the Engineering Change Orders window. You can see the created list of ECOs here, and you can create a new one by clicking the CREATE button, as seen in the screenshot below.

You must provide the product's description and type when creating a new product. It is important to apply modifications to a Bill of Material or a Product from the Apply On field, as seen in the screenshot below.

Users must select US Company from the Company field, Bill of Materials, and the product to modify. In the Effective box down the road, enter a date for the modifications, like At Date or As soon as feasible.

By selecting the START REVISION icon, you can start the product Cabinet with Doors revision.

After the revision has begun, the product may be modified. A commodity might be seen to be ready for the market by having undergone all necessary adjustments. The Effective portion of the Engineering Change Orders pane contains the stage for your product.

The Engineering Change Orders Are Simple to Analyze
In Odoo 15, the Reporting function is useful for analyzing your engineering change orders for a given commodity. Select the Reporting tab's ECOs menu to display a graphical representation. As shown in the screenshot below, the stage data is on the X-axis and the count is on the Y-axis in the graph view.

By selecting the MEASURE icon, we may add different measurements to the graph, such as color and BoM Revision. From the Reporting function of Odoo 15 PLM, you can rapidly assess the status of engineering modification orders to particular products.

Keep the documents in an ECO in a safe place.

Document management is crucial for any corporate operations involving goods or services. Inside Engineering Change Orders in Odoo, users can upload or store documents. Click on the Documents icon after selecting your newly formed ECO in the Odoo 15 PLM module, as seen in the screenshot below.

You can access the engineering change order attachment by using the Documents smart button.

The paper can be tracked down and used to improve performance by a responsible person.

Boost output and decrease risk in the workplace
With the aid of Odoo ERP, you may quickly access all industry rules in your company. By controlling the lifespan of commodities, high-quality products are delivered in accordance with manufacturing requirements. It increases production while lowering the danger of using subpar raw resources. A product's production time is expedited by the lower infrastructure development costs, and users can increase product productivity by monitoring workflow, labor force, or design using the Odoo PLM module
Manage products and work centers for a business.
An organization's work center is a location where manufacturing activities take place. In a work center, we can control how many hours employees in a company work on a given product or service. Production operation activities are carried out in a company's work center. Users may easily manage items and add new work center data using Odoo PLM. You can acquire a list of the work centers in your firm by selecting the Work Centers menu option under the Master Data section. To create a new work center, select the CREATE icon as seen in the screenshot below..

It is possible to include information about the equipment and the amount of time required to generate the items when generating a work center data in the Working Hours option.

By selecting the Performance smart button in the Work Centers panel, as seen in the above screenshot, users can additionally examine the output of a specific work center. Additionally, we can put all of a company's commodity data in the Products box. Click the CREATE symbol after choosing the Products menu from the Master Data pane.

Accelerate Data Sharing and Best Quality Products
By altering Engineering Change Orders in Odoo 15 PLM, users may manufacture the highest quality goods. In order to maintain product standards, Odoo PLM is also integrated with the Quality module. It guarantees that you establish a quality control system and other business-related tasks. Based on client input, we may monitor sales data and improve the quality of our products. On the other hand, you do not have to be concerned about communication hiccups in your company. Users can equally transform data for retailers and the global market using Odoo ERP help. With the aid of Odoo 15, data exchange is a simple process.

Conclusion: Benefits of Odoo 15 PLM

In addition to these, other benefits of Odoo PLM include configuration, information centralization, and marketing acceleration. With the aid of Odoo 15 PLM, users may handle the BoM and ECOs data of a company's products swiftly. Businesses will inevitably update their raw material data and replenish their stock for future use. For information on the features of the Odoo 15 PLM Module, click the link provided below.

In a nutshell, PLM is a solution that enables an end-user to plan and manage every step of the product development process. This cycle of development helps the organization grow through consumer confidence while lowering market risk.

We at ERP Cloud, an ERP software provider, are experts in developing, customizing, and providing services for Odoo to businesses of all kinds. Simply working with our team for business consulting and a range of additional services would surely enhance your organization.

Please email us at if you have any inquiries or would like more information about the Odoo PLM Module.

Odoo, Moe Fawaz August 30, 2022
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