Benefits of Odoo Discuss

Benefits of Odoo Discuss Module

Discuss, as the name implies, is an Odoo module that provides a discussion platform. This can be used as an internal platform for an organization's employees to communicate with one another. This Odoo module is a vital tool for any firm because it allows users to communicate with their colleagues in a formal or informal manner without having to use another platform. This platform allows for personal contact between employees in addition to group communication. 

This is a solution that can help you speed up all of your business-related tasks. It can be used to arrange meetings, communicate about corporate operations, and send out project and task alerts to staff. 


Messages are sent and received.

This is a program that allows users to send and receive messages without using any external media. Odoo is a user-friendly platform that allows users to consolidate all of their conversations into one place. Sending and receiving messages from any app is possible with Odoo discuss. It also allows the user to receive messages through various Odoo Apps. Sending and receiving messages with a message alert makes it easier to fulfill tasks quickly. Because the ERP solution allows for speedy sending and receiving of messages, the operations are sped up. 


It is simple to connect

Odoo Discuss Module is a tool that can be simply integrated with all other Odoo Apps and used in all Odoo Apps. This enables us to get the benefits of Discuss while utilizing a variety of tools. 


Channels are simple to create.

With Odoo Discuss, creating a channel is a breeze. A user of the application can start a chat by creating a channel. A channel can be constructed to communicate with a large number of individuals. These channels can be organized by location, team, project, and other factors. Here you can also create private channels. To create a new channel, a user only needs to click the Plus icon on the left side of the Channel bar. 

Management of Private and Public Channels

A new text box appears when a user creates a channel. Here you should provide the channel's name. It's also simpler to choose between private and public channels from this location. A drop-down menu will appear when we enter the channel name. The channel name will be accompanied by a lock and a #. You can create a private channel by using the name with the lock icon. 

Using the edit option, you may modify the channel type as well.


Here, the user will be able to adjust their privacy. 


Organize Members

The member's tab can be used to manage the members of a chat group when it's being created. We can make a list of the people who can participate in the conversation here. 


Instant Messaging

Users can send direct messages in addition to creating channels. This can be used to communicate with a single person. The procedure for creating a direct message is similar to the procedure for building a channel. 


When a direct message is created, the user has access to the replies as well as other conversation features. 

Odoo Discuss Module allows you to keep track of every area of your company. Virtual tracking makes it possible to track quotation processing, opportunity management, and other tasks. To speed up sales and buy activities, the sales and purchase module can be implemented and discussed. The user will find conversation threads here that they can use to communicate. 




Benefits of Odoo Discuss
Ismail Harake July 7, 2021
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