COVID 19 Impact on E-commerce

How the Covid 19 pandemic affected E-commerce
September 21, 2020 by
COVID 19 Impact on E-commerce
Ismail Harake
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The COVID 19 virus affected the way we do business as we know it.

Today almost every type of business have reconstructed their company in order to stay in business. 

Due to the impact of the pandemic, some business has either shut down, reconstructed, or merged with another company to stay in order to survive. Therefore, all types of companies are facing unexpected challenges for all companies all over the world. 

On the other hand, some businesses, like e-commerce, are experiencing an increase in revenues due to the pandemic.

Home shopping and home delivery are now the go-to. 

In fact, a survey was conducted to support this fact.

In March I stayed in Dublin, Ireland for 3 months. There I was working with a start-up; unfortunately, it had to close down due to the COVID 19 pandemic. While I was there, I enjoyed the first 2 weeks, and then everything closed. I was living a bit far from any supermarket, like Tesco, so I didn't know how to order and from where to order. So, my roommate at the time, showed which apps to download and which food place to order from.

Let me just say, If he didn't teach me the tricks, I would have spent a lot more than I bargained with.

Note: The COVID 19 Virus is airborne, that's why all countries have advised people to stay home, and only leave in case of emergencies, jogging, or buying the essentials. Therefore, COVID 19 requires up to 2 weeks of quarantine to restrict the spread of the virus in the residing community.

"​Forbes, With millions of people staying home combined with the desire to buy certain products, the end result was an increase in sales for E-commerce businesses.​"

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As of mid-April, there was an increase in 68%in online retailer shopping, outgrowing the CyberMonday sale, that was held in January, by 19%. The United States and Canada have registered an increase of 129% in online retail. Online shopping has increased by 8.8% since February and still growing. 

Today nearly 60%, global Internet traffic, is generated by mobile devices. As a result, COVID 19 lifted the mobile traffic search to new heights, 72% of consumers are using mobile apps to purchase online products. Therefore, E-commerce retailers, have to think outside of the box and listen to the customer's point of view, more and more, in order to create a satisfactory relationship with them and keep them as loyal customers. 

During this crisis, businesses are taking the customer's ideas and opinions more seriously. They want to keep the customers they have and attract additional customers. In other words, E-commerce businesses are competing for the top chair since there is no one company dominating the E-commerce business, other than Amazon.

With everything that is happening, is proof that businesses are all joining E-commerce. If you don't know where to start. Check out our other blogs for additional information on What questions to ask an ERP Provider

You can contact multiple agencies that would be able to help you, like Odoo, or ERP Cloud, you can visit the Odoo website and check out all their partners.

The impact of the COVID-19 is not one-sided. On one hand, e-commerce is the new trend in business, and it's gaining profits. 

On  the other hand, the businesses are facing new taxes that are affecting their delivery schedules, and other oppositions. In other words, the issues are causing problems, within the normal runnings of the E-commerce business, which is resulting in shipment delays, and delay in production, and because of the COVID 19 there are restrictions on vehicles, so what does that mean for shipping products by the sea or the air, since everything was forced to close, or shut down.

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Why it's recommended to contact an agent?

ERP agencies have been in the business for years, so they are up to date with every app or software out there. In  addition, most ERP software might not be compatible with the one currently in use or might have been badly integrated with the current system and could cause the loss of some important data.

That's why you will need someone that will help you integrate and transfer all your current data to a new and better database, that will allow you to add additional apps to help you improve in your current market. 

As a result, E-commerce retailers need to be careful about how they will optimize positive user experiences, for all potential customers. This implies, mobile optimization strategies to enhance the responsiveness of their platforms, and hiring an online development agency to audit performance and improve performance.

The improvements are going to be necessary  for your marketplace to be ready and published online, for your new online consumers, safely remaining home during times of crisis.

COVID 19 has spread worldwide, therefore, this does suggest that this trend is not going to stop or decrease, it's the opposite actually. This  will just be additional proof that all businesses are going to start joining E-commerce.

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COVID-19 has tremendously affected the expansion of the E-commerce industry, in a positive way. This growth is in so far on a productive path in adapting your market strategy to suit the changing times, simply because more online shopping is happening doesn't suggest that the consumers will accept any marketplace, it only means that the saturation of the E-Commerce industry has increased.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

COVID 19 Impact on E-commerce
Ismail Harake September 21, 2020
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