CRM Project Guide

know what are your expectations

Before digging into your CRM project, it’s important to exactly know what are your expectations. The idea is to draft an expression of needs for the sales department that can be integrated into the specifications of the project.

Many will look to implement solutions and purchasing them, and Abracadabra, but that is not the case, a well thought of CRM plan needs to be put in place before earning those extra deals. Nearly 75% of CRM projects fail. And you cannot blame the software, instead, it’s poor user adoption.

First: Strategy

Consider your strategy in the short, medium, and long term. A strategy that includes your company’s goals and objectives, the type of services in plan, and the customer who you want to reach.

“In other words, the choice of the company determines the types of advantage they gain over competitors”

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Second: Get a team together.

A team small enough to manage but large enough to get the job done, a CRM team within including end-users and management and mainly people who can take decisions to try to save up some time wastes on meetings to ask permission from someone outside the team.

Third: Money, Money, Money!

  • Check your Budget! Start by calculating the option of not doing it in the first place and what if its used. Where does your company wants to be in 5 or 10 years and is it possible without the system?

  • Priority! Once the capabilities of CRM are visible, people get excited and want to reach the universe, Why not? But, list your requirements and priorities them, if you’re on a tight budget focus on the main point and always start small.

  • You can break the cost to 3 different stages (software, Service and Support)

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Fourth: The Data

The better the data, the better the CRM. So set up internal usage guidelines, for example (how to register a new sale?) make sure all of the team is inserting their sales into the CRM or else it would be difficult for the manager to export sales reports and train the team.
The team has no clue how to use the CRM system, it would cause difficulties to do other things (sale progress, reports, send emails to clients…)
Make it easy to access, and straight to the point to state the what, when, and how things need to be done on the CRM system.

​Fifth: Launch with a BANG!​

Motivation is KEY! Starting from within, excite everyone on what’s coming, maybe by organizing a launch party for everyone! We’re not trying to make you spend more money, it can be as low cost as it can be, maybe publish a video on your intranet or make some t-shirt for it.
Still, after that, do not put your feet in cold water yet! The second day walk around asking your team on the progress and how things are going and assist if there is any struggle.

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- Preparation
- Commitment
- Cooperation

Remember these 3 words, CRM is a project that requires the above across the organization. There is so much work to do such as (getting resources, teaming up, rolling out a well-planned plan, etc.) Most importantly, be ready in your mind and soul, because this system would change the way how things work in your organization.
It's not just press “install”. It’s full-on dedications where all hold hands for the endurance of the company. It’s a new way of thinking like inviting your costumers to be inside your business it’s a strategic business approach that unites technology, work process, employees, and data management.

If you would like to learn more about CRM and how our teams of experts can help you to implement this system, then please contact us or visit our website for further inquiries.

“How you gather, manage, and use information will determine whether you win or lose.” -Bill Gates

CRM Project Guide
noel September 17, 2020
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