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Digital transformation is all about utilizing available technology to create resourceful enhancements to a business or an organization. 
The concept behind digital transformation is considered as next level when compared to a simple technology initiative. It is a comprehensive plan, which can transform your business model into a better one. 

Your customers are an essential asset in your company. Due to the same reason, it is vital to make sure that you are delivering excellent experiences to the customer. While providing such an experience to existing customers, you need to consider providing the best experience to your employees as well. That’s just one way of transforming your business. Likewise, you need to improve your business process. That’s where an ERP becomes a necessity. It is a single platform, which can deliver an all-in-one solution to simplify business operations. If you are looking for such an ERP, you are encouraged to take a look at Odoo. 

What exactly is Odoo? 

Odoo is an open-source, comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application. It comes along with a variety of integrated suites. Some of the modules included are financial management, warehouse management, project management, human resources, marketing, inventory management, billing, accounting, and eCommerce, and customer relationship management. The primary objective of these modules is to seamlessly and efficiently communicate with each other through the proper exchange of information. 

Along with Odoo ERP, you can get your hands on more than 30 different modules out of the box. These modules are updated regularly. Apart from these modules, Odoo offers more than 16,000 plugins and third-party apps, which can are available in the Odoo app store. Odoo is a modular system; you have the chance to start working with a subset of tools. Then they can keep on adding new modules as per your business requirements. In other words, you have complete flexibility to scale your ERP along with the growth of your business. Therefore, you can never fell restricted while using this ERP. 

One of the best features of Odoo ERP is that it is available on the cloud. Therefore, you can easily access the ERP and start using it according to your requirements. This ERP is scalable to businesses in any size, as well. Hence, no need to locate another ERP while you are moving forward along with time. 

Can my business use Odoo ERP? 

Yes, you can think about using Odoo ERP for your business. To do that, you may need to do some customizing or changes to make it fit your current workflows. It is not a big issue for you because you are provided with complete freedom to customize it according to your requirements. In other words, developers have the chance to get their hands on the code and then modify the code to make appropriate changes to the modules. Hence, you can match the ERP perfectly well with your requirements. 

However, more than 70% of ERP implementation takes between 6 months to three years. Unfortunately, a lot of these implementations fail to deliver what customers need due to lack of experience and poor analysis of actual needs. Here is where you need to seek the assistance of an expert, such as ERP Cloud LLC.

How can ERP Cloud LLC help me?


ERP Cloud LLC is Odoo Official ERP Partner. We have been in the ERP and CRM business for more than 10 years. During 2018 we had more the 10 successful Odoo implementations. Our clients were able to start using the system within less than a month. 

From an expert point of view, we can say that although customers always know what they want. Sometimes they ask for over customization of the system, which is not always a good idea. So our expert engineering team brainstorms the best idea to give you what you want with the minimum customization possible. In other word, minimum implementation cost and reduction of the upgrades cost for the future as our primary focus is customer satisfaction and growth.

Proper customization of the Odoo ERP is the starting point for the optimization of business processes and enhance them. Hence, you can start using the ERP with minimum cost and minimum time, so less pain.  

How do we customize Odoo CRM according to your business needs? 

We follow a standardized process when helping our clients to customize Odoo ERP as per their needs. Here are the steps that we follow to get the job done.

  1. As the initial step, our team at ERP Cloud LLC schedules a short call to understand your business. The call focus on what you currently do and what is your actual need for and ERP system.
  2. The demo stage. We create a demo customized for your business, showing you the value that we provide and how Odoo can benefit your business. At this stage, we focus only on your main business workflow, and we show a general view of what can we can offer.
  3. After the initial demo, you should have a better view of what to expect for our ERP. Then we may make some additional minor modifications to the demo according to your needs. For example, get some references if required or Answer any question that you may have. centered around the signature of the contract.
  4. After signing the contract, we start with the gap analysis phases, so we write down all your business workflows, and we optimize each process. In other words, we figure out the factors that keep you away from achieving efficient results. We keep on modeling your business with Odoo ERP, as well.
  5. Upon the completion of the gap analysis, we start looking for KPIs that may benefit your business and the processes associated with it.
  6. Then implement the core of Odoo ERP along with the apps and customizations you have requested. Time taken to do the customizations would vary depending on the scope of them. 
  7. After that, we provide your team with training as needed. We at ERP Cloud LLC offer both on-site training and web-based training.
  8. Upon the successful implementation, we keep on monitoring the system and support you if needed.

As you can see, our team can make your life easy at the time of implementing Odoo CRM. Therefore, you can contact us and transform your business without keeping any doubt in mind.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Digital Transformation with ERP Cloud LLC
Ali Atwi October 15, 2019
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