e-Learning with Odoo 14

It's the e-learning generation. Traditional Classroom teaching and learning has already taken a back seat and the popularity of e-learning is gaining. The pandemic of Covid-19 has fueled the development of the culture of e-learning, forcing any educational institution to take the e-route. The new learning platform is sure to grow to new heights in the coming days, as many have begun exploring the scope of e-learning and are enjoying the versatility it provides. 

If a user fails to choose a convenient e-learning program for the learning process, the user might be in trouble. On the other hand, a user-friendly and hassle-free program can be of great benefit to a user.

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Taking into account the requirements of different types of users, the Odoo team has developed a separate module for e-learning. It included various aspects, such as the use of multimedia for various courses, discussion platforms, and feedback management. The interactive learning process ensures the participation of learners and the sharing of materials, and Odoo ERP for E-learning includes other aspects.

Odoo 14 e-Learning: Manage Courses

Odoo offers support for the development of the courses you offer. With Odoo, it is possible to add content with specifications for content types. With Odoo, different types of content are possible, including presentations, infographics, documents, and quizzes. Also, Odoo can help you add a description of the course. Also, the module helps set access rights. The user can provide access to the public, access the invitation, and sign up for the policy. Rating displays for the public and members can also be allowed by the user.

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Odoo 14 e-Learning: Organize Content

You can quickly arrange the content in an organized way that can support both the customer and the learner. To make things more understandable for the learners, you should add heads and subheads to your content.

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Odoo 14 e-Learning: Manage Content

With Odoo's support, content creation & Management is simple and convenient. The content can be seen from the point of view of Kanban.

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Odoo 14 e-Learning: Embed Video Content

To make learning a great experience, Odoo allows users to upload videos. Videos allow the user to provide a more comprehensive community - based support materials. Learners, therefore, have a virtual learning environment, too. The video material prepared by the organization can be posted here as well as the content prepared by other channels.

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Odoo 14 e-Learning: Reviews and Ratings

Odoo 14 offers a solid forum where the courses and techniques can be tested by e-learners. This encourages the user to enhance their efficiency and retain more students with positive scores. In an easily identifiable way, feedback & ratings can be presented.

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Odoo 14 e-Learning: Certifications

It is simple to build, create, and maintain or manage certificates for various courses using Odoo. This function allows questions to be produced & created, query types marked and explanations or descriptions are given. For certification,  the question can be presented for qualification in the survey format.  

Here the recipient or user can get the number of applicants and their grades for the certification qualification program.

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Odoo 14 e-Learning: Forums

Odoo 14 makes the creation of e-learning forums effortless. In simple steps, distinct & different forums can be created. You will browse the posts, comments, responses, and other information here. 

It is also quick to build & create a forum. The forum can be created in two forms: question or discussion. It is possible to include the website, privacy settings, and course information. Here the individual can also apply Karma gains and rights relevant to Karma.

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Odoo 14 e-Learning: Quizzes

As one of the courses, Odoo encourages the production &  creation of quizzes. The learner will see this in the learning overview itself. The user will be guided to a website from here where the learner will participate in the quiz.

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Odoo 14 e-Learning: Conclusion

The e-learning elements for digitally imparting information were implemented by the Odoo platform. The Odoo E-learning model is a supporting tool where courses can be described, forums can be developed and credential programs can be conveniently rolled out and handled in a manner that is the best learning management system.

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e-Learning with Odoo 14
Ismail Harake December 17, 2020
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