Enhance Your Business To be Profitable With Odoo.

A Smarter Business comes with having odoo.

Enhance Your Business Profits with odoo

ERP systems, since its discovery, have greatly reduced the need for manually managing and interpreting data. The system streamlines business processes and various functionalities making it easier and efficient to collect data. 

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With the revolution of advanced technologies and capabilities in the ERP universe, Odoo’s united and real-time project management helps you get your work done more consistently. It keeps the track of every minute detail from customer contacts to office billings. 

Let us discuss some important things Odoo can do to make your business smarted and efficient:

Warehouse Management

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The traditional accounting system saw the requirement for an efficient system that keeps track of the Inventory and supply chain when one warehouse/store was occupying products of two or more different suppliers. How would you distinguish between which store brought within which product and when?.

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Odoo provides the simplest way of optimizing warehouse management with accounting principles. The tool provides a double-entry system that keeps records of each transaction in two different accounts. For example, after you enter an order within the system, you may have a separate entry for the incoming stock, and a separate entry for outgoing stock. This method has been widely accepted and praised for its efficiency and accuracy.

Human Resource Management

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Whether you've got one department in your business or multiple departments, Odoo can facilitate your oversee the knowledge of your employees at one glance. The system consists of the all-in-one module which takes care of recruitment, attendance, leaves, appraisals, and far more. Alerts are often set for brand spanking new leave requests, applications, and appraisals. The human resource module will be customized in step with your business requirement. you'll easily track and monitor employee attendance, easily evaluate administrative duties streamline expense management, and plenty more. you'll be able to also improve communication along with your employees through social media through one single interface. 

Accounting  Management

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Any business small or big knows the importance of revenue and income. Odoo has made sure that you simply reap the advantages of the integrated business solution, with different modules interlinked under one single roof. But when it involves accounting, Odoo has everything from automobile manufacturers to food companies. Odoo's accounting application is beautifully designed keeping the hassles of twenty-first-century accounts in mind. It can connect to your accounting system and synchronizes with it every hour to allow you the very clear and precise data you wish. you'll find everything from legal statements to executive summaries, which is quick and dynamic. 

Reports and Dashboards

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Like any other successful ERP system, Odoo makes sure you've got a whole business solution. It offers you statistical reports and documents to represent your business data in real-time. the info is calculated and represented within the sort of graphs and charts which are dynamic and alter along with your everyday business process. Odoo also provides the likelihood to develop your own analysis to satisfy your demands. The dashboards are a vital aspect of forsee data in an exceedingly better way. you'll also export the report back to a pdf to look at it offline on your personal devices.

A ComprehensiveTool

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Odoo is understood to be an all-embracing platform that effectively manages diverse business applications through one interface. It's available in 3 variants that is an enterprise one, a community version, and a web model which are all open source. Compared to all or any of the opposite open-source ERP systems, Odoo is true now the fastest growing ERP’s. 

Odoo handles a large range of business needs starting from E-commerce, project management, CRM, billing, accounting, inventory management, and far more. 

The platform is incredibly user-friendly and always includes innovative applications and updates to boost its performance within the long term.  

High on modules

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Odoo is extremely modular where you will be ready to find various modules needed for the much-needed support for your business processes. it contains advanced and up-to-minute technology tracks and releases new modules for every new technological advancement within the market. These modules are upgraded whenever necessary and adapt to the changing paradigms. 

Odoo contains a good selection of other features that are perfect fit modules for various modules. Every module is capable of streamlining a whole process of a business. Therefore, ERP customization with high-end Odoo for each module is going to be modified to suit the business needs. Odoo also transforms and completely secures and safeguards your business from falling apart. 

User-Friendly and Easy Updates

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Odoo maintains a user-friendly interface to its users, with no need for training, to ensure perfect performance. Easiness and complete integration cover almost all expect of the small-scale industries making it manageable and foolproof. Odoo is very handy and offers several innovative applications.

The industry keeps changing trends so companies on average upgrade their ERP system two times in its lifespan to meet with new technological changes and standards

When it comes to Odoo, you can control what and when to upgrade, no need to depend on any other system to guide you through the process, letting you use technology as a strategic advantage for your business. 

Invoice and Sales Order Templates

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Invoices and sales order helps your company to look at and keep a track of your income and earnings. If you sell any reasonably products or services, it's required that you simply provide the invoice by law. 

Odoo provides you with visually easy to use and feasibly designed invoice templates for sales order quotations. 

Lead Generation

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The first thing any organization must do to survive within the market is generating B2B leads. Odoo offers plugins and apps for the efficient management of leads and customers. Comparing other CRM’s like Zoho, Sugar CRM, etc.

Odoo has a plus overall offering amazing features like lead tracking quote and invoice generation, social networking integration, signature. Creating leads and retaining existing customers in Odoo is easy and simple. The converted leads are considered a vital entity to trace the sales pipeline of your organization. . You get all the required information during a single dashboard making it easier for analysis and benchmarks. 


Enhance Your Business Profits with odoo

Every organization's needs differ for sure and Odoo can be customized for their size, type, and leads. When you look for customization in your system, first make sure you are clear on why you need the system for carrying out your business. For more information on how to enhance and increase your profits with odoo, please don't hesitate to contact us.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Enhance Your Business To be Profitable With Odoo.
Ismail Harake November 26, 2020
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