ERP Questions List to Ask your Software Vendor

ERP Questions List for Software Vendor

When planning any ERP software for your business, there is a different list of ERP questions that comes to mind. After extensive analysis, we have mentioned a questionnaire in this blog post that will be helpful before a final decision on the implementation of ERP software is taken. Based on your industry, the list of questions can be enhanced. The list of ERP frequently asked questions "FAQ" by ERPCloud has a list of possible questions to bear in mind when implementing any business enterprise systems.

Worth noting: ERP functionality and features questions will not be included as you are aware and knowledgeable of your business processes and the list of ERP functionality questions to be asked. For ERP software, we dealt with some simple and general questions.

Questions for Erp Software are often addressed by ERPCloud, Must ask potential software vendors questions that are crucial to successful ERP selection projects. There are some simple, specific questions about the product features of this blog that are not meant to be a list of functionality feature questions; in this blog, questions are intended to give the selection team a better overview of the different software vendor issues to approach to ERP implementation and customer service, annual maintenance costs, software update, and so on.

Company History For Software Vendor

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Within any ERP software, after going through the review of specifications, technicalities, functional areas. The very next necessary step is to select a vendor who has expertise in the implementation of a similar kind. Below is one of the most relevant lists of questions to ask when choosing the provider company for implementation

This list of questions will help you understand the context of the vendor and build trust with the vendor functioning.

  1. Is the company a development company for ERP applications or a value-added service provider (VAR)? 

  2. Just how years has the company been involved in the field of ERP software? 

  3. How does the company compare with other companies in the sector according to the employee's revenue? 

  4. Does the company have a money-back guarantee or approval period for software that will allow the company to guarantee the software does what it was shown to do during the sales process?

  5. Since the business was established, how many times has the organization's ownership changed?

  6. What level of engagement does the executive management of the organization have in the company's daily activities and potential product development? Have there been any recent changes in the senior management leadership of the company, including outside investment organizations? 

  7. Are senior executives at the company conveniently available on request to talk to customers? 

  8. What is the level of expertise inside the organization? Are the proposed software solutions actually in use by other similar or larger businesses in the same vertical industry? 

  9. Has the company raised or reduced the number of workers in the last two years?

  10. What is the track record of the company for the company to access in order to justify the return on investment from the purchase of the software solutions proposed? 

  11. What does the company, the software provider, and if the team ensures that customer loyalty in the subsequent years of software implementation proceeds to produce a return on investment?

Software Implementation and Customer Support

  1. Does the ERP provider outsource ERP implementation services to the provider of third-party services, or are the implementation services in-house? 

  2. What is the typical time period for an organization's introduction of software for its respective size? (Industry dependent on trade, production, or service) 

  3. What is the organization's total cost ratio for implementation services and software licenses? 

  4. What is the plan for ending end-user training? 

  5. Will the company prefer to train all end-users or to use the trainer technique to train them? 

  6. Can end-user training be carried out on-site, online, or both? 

  7. Who is responsible for responding to customer service calls questions?

  8. What is the level of software competence of the support person? 

  9. What is the training organizational fee structure, including hourly, monthly, per user, or package? 

  10. What would be the charge for training software, project management, and services for programming? 

  11. Where is the position of the organization's support personnel? 

  12. For any service work done for the respective entity, does the organization have a guaranteed maximum upper limit cost? 

  13. Can it provide 24/7 technical assistance to the organization? 

  14. Is there an online consumer portal provided by the organization? If so, what services are offered by the online portal, and is the customer portal freely accessible?

AMC and Software Upgrades

  1. How much time is offered for Free ERP support? 

  2. When will the company start charging new clients for annual maintenance? 

  3. What is the AMC charge from the organization? 

  4. How is the fee for maintenance calculated? 

  5. What were the AMC charges for the company five years ago? 

  6. Are updates to software and potential releases of software included in the AMC maintenance fee? 

  7. How often does a company release a big update or improvement to the software solution that is proposed? 

  8. To install future updates to the program, what degree of effort is required? 

  9. Can the organization carry out the customization according to the criteria of the corresponding company requirements?

  10. Does software customization today hinder the ability of the related business to update to future releases of software?

Licensing of Software, Technical Information, Features, and Future Development

  1. When was the first launch of a proprietary solution for software? 

  2. What is the latest release for the software solution being proposed? 

  3. When was the program officially intended for commercial access? 

  4. Is the proposed software developer the actual supplier of software or was it originally developed by a supplier of software that was subsequently purchased by the current supplier? 

  5. Where did the company progress can be seen with the planned software solution moving forward in the future? 

  6. How long will the company continue to develop the proposed software solution and sustain it? 

  7. Is no extra expense included in the price of software licenses in the complete application source code?

  8. Will the source code be given directly or will the source code be put with the NDA in escrow? 

  9. Is the software sold module by module, or is the software sold for one all-inclusive price as an integrated whole? 

  10. What modules are included in the cost of licenses for software? 

  11. What specific functionality for the proposed software solution is not included in the base level software package? 

  12. Does the company have the addons or connectors available as per the functional requirement for the proposed software solution? 

  13. Are the addons or connectors developed for the core ERP solution by the same company, or are they developed by a third party?

  14. What is the minimum number needed to purchase concurrent or named user licenses? 

  15. Are licenses for applications offered on a concurrent user basis or on a named user basis? 

  16. Are infinite consumer licenses available for purchase through the enterprise? 

  17. Does the company offer a solution for ASP or hosted software? 

  18. Is the program written in a language for commercially usable development that is still being developed and funded by the developer? 

  19. Are there any limitations on the compatibility of the software with the database, hardware platform, network, or operating system environment? 

  20. Can the app run on any database compatible with ODBC? 

  21. What is the degree of scalability that the software solution proposed offers?

  22. Will the current software features allow our company to develop without adding additional software features to meet our needs in the future? 

  23. In a team of multiple concurrent users, what is the smallest or highest customer count who can use the proposed software solutions? 

  24. Does the software solution offered by the company include a fully integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) in the Software License Price? If so, then the RF and barcode warehouse management system is available, or is there an additional charge for integrating such features into the application?

  25. Within the application itself, online, in a hard-copy training manual, or any of the above, are software support files available? Will the end-user with acceptable security access edit these support files? 

  26. How does the app support transactions using eCommerce, EDI, and XML? 

  27. Does the program support multi-location, multi-company, multi-division, and multi-currency environments? 

  28. In the proposed software solution, what is the language or development method used to build and edit standard reports? 

  29. With the ERP software, how many standard reports are included? 

  30. Would the platform include a built-in financial report editor that is included in the cost of software licenses?

  31. Are references from customers available? 

  32. Is it possible to visit the customers of a company to see the proposed technological solution in a live transaction environment being used? 

  33. Does the business give comparisons to work done for the same vertical sector? 

  34. Will the company have references or consumers on their website?

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ERP Questions List to Ask your Software Vendor
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