Grant Access with Odoo 15 Community

Grant Access with Odoo 15 Community

External users, such as consumers or clients, are portal users. External users can be given particular access rights by an administrator. Users of the portal do not have the ability to edit or modify the website's content. They will only be able to view or read the contents. An endless number of portal user access can be defined using Odoo. An internal user can grant portal user access to a customer on Odoo's e-commerce website. Customers will enjoy a pleasant purchasing experience with the organization as a result of this feature. We can grant portal access to a customer through the Contacts module's corresponding customer's form. We can grant portal access to a customer once they have been created in Odoo by selecting Grant portal access from the Action option at the top of the customer's form.

Grant Access with Odoo 15 Community

When you click Grant portal access, a wizard will open, asking you to provide an email address and enable the grant access option, as seen below. The email ID provided must be a legitimate email address, as it will be the only way to contact the consumer. We should set a password for the contact portal user after providing them access, which they can subsequently change using the change password option.

We can see two alternatives for canceling access and re-inviting the customer after selecting give access.

Let's have a look at all of the portal user's options on the Odoo website. When a customer enters in as a portal user to the Odoo website, they can reset their password by entering a new password for the site, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Users can access the dashboard after logging in to the portal, which includes several options such as shops, events, blogs, and more. The portal user can look through all of these alternatives, place orders, and watch their progress. A consumer can register for several events and subscribe to many courses in the same way.

The My Account and Logout options may be seen in the image below, which allow a portal user to manage their account information and log out after using the site.

Customers will have a better purchasing experience, be able to communicate directly with the company, and be regarded as a unique customer among other shoppers thanks to the Portal User functionality.

Grant Access with Odoo 15 Community
Ismail Harake January 20, 2022
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