How can ERP System help My Business

Different ways an ERP System can help your business

This article will provide you with an explanation regarding ERP systems, and how important they can be to your business. 

The number of companies using ERP systems has increased, due to the COVID 19 crisis.

There are several ways that an ERP system can be considered beneficial to your business.

ERP is the integrated management of the main business process.

ERP stands for, Enterprise Resource Planning. 

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How can an ERP System help improve My Business?

ERP Systems permit businesses to have a clear up to date review into their supply chain operations. The financial section of the business is integrated with the other software. This will help in reducing the implementation time and provide a clear picture for the owner of the business and the employees completing the tasks. In addition, any problem that might occur during work hours, or after, the problem can be identified and solved as quickly as possible, no need to panic, everything you need is easily accessed.

Can an ERP system reduce my costs?​

All of the systems are automated, companies can cut operation costs and labor costs. therefore, the extra money can be spent on marketing, R&D, or add them to the company reserves. Because an  ERP System provides an accurate business report, companies can forecast their revenues, inventory, supplies, etc. so that the budget is properly managed.

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Increase Productivity

Increase in Business Intelligence, the information contained in the ERP system is up to date. Therefore, the employees will not need to contact different departments, all they will need to do is access the information found in a specific location, in the system.

Better management of customer data. Duplicate data related to customers are easily identified, deleted, or merged. You can easily add and delete contacts. However, old contacts or outdated contacts are easily identified and edited.

Project Management Planning You can create, organize, add activities to any project created. You can organize and invite different people to the company and outside with just a few clicks.

Customization.  Everything in the ERP system is customizable to suit your needs and requirements. Or you can decide to purchase a different model that might be more suitable for your system.

Improves CRM

The ERP System provides the business owner with customer information and navigation history. The business owner will be able to track every movement the viewers take. This will result in the owner understanding exactly what the visitors are looking for. Thus in the future, the owner will create certain pages just for certain visitors. 

In addition, the business owners will be able to create certain portals that will connect the viewers to the customer support if ever they need help, related to information, or website navigation.

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Today, millions of businesses have implemented cloud ERP or ERP systems for their business. You can say, Cloud ERP has become the new trend because it has reduced costs for businesses and helped them grow and even improve during difficult challenges.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

How can ERP System help My Business
Ismail Harake September 18, 2020
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