How Odoo Helped An Organization Grow Threefold

Challenges Faced By A Company And The Digital Transformation Odoo Brought To Their Business
October 12, 2020 by
How Odoo Helped An Organization Grow Threefold
Ismail Harake
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Join this discussion between Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire, and Kevin Clor, CTO of Tentandtable as they discuss the difficulties and challenges faced by Tentandtable and the digital transformation Odoo brought to their business processes. Hear about their experiences, ask your questions, and learn from a real use case! Join us!

Two things which affected the digital platform

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Somehow from a covered perspective their businesses multi-folded from a sales perspective at the same time they had fewer people in the warehouse there are fewer people from a sales and customer support perspective, and the supply chain was also broken to some level from the international suppliers so in that case like you know a good analytics platform, to make sure that they have a demand in forecast visibility.
A good warehousing solution from a proper shipment perspective a good ERP with a lot of automation of processes so that the entire was and the shipment process can be automated to a greater level.

A good omnichannel and analytics was the key aspect from their expectation perspective
In 2019 they have gone through major growth in terms of all their conferences where they are attending and the business has grown multifold, in conference journey perspective, and 2020, was the year, from a coveted perspective, the business has multi-folded. 

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What were the Main Challenges you Faced before Odoo?

The business was increasing and we tend to inquire about plenty of change management in terms of the decision-making.

"That we software are often the simplest and with CRM are often the simplest, therefore, there have been challenges and that they were using Salesforce time they tried with the boost my shop there next week time so that they tried their hand on all different types of software and business was growing around forty-five to fifty people team was using the code therefore there area unit loads of excel sheet and loads of quick books were running so that they were problems. ", Chintan, a serial tech entrepreneur.

Open Source is easy to customize and integrate, and the company had some complex business from a front-end perspective. With multiple orders coming in, that's where Odoo's APIs were able to integrate from an open architecture perspective. 

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For example, a B2B& B2C and that they had a business returning from the  mobile POS at trade shows and there is some salespeople team there have been varied solely channel was returning so is wherever the API able to integrate from an open design perspective so I believe affirmative I mean that was a challenge before and that is however they might have helped in another means.

How did Odoo Adapt with The Workflow and Implementation?

Odoo has done great adapting to our multiple workflows because we have Magento websites, we sell on eBay, Amazon, we also have a customer service team that also does sales, and a sales team, we needed a system that is agile we needed a system that was customizable to meet our needs, in terms of the way we do business, as a company and the way our customers, like to do business. 

With the way, Odoo was able to adapt to the customization and integration with third-party platforms. 

the biggest advantage for executives was consolidating all that data of workflows and other information into one location, which gave us an unprecedented level of visibility of how we do business, which allowed up to grow in a really rapid way. 

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How Odoo Helped An Organization Grow Threefold
Ismail Harake October 12, 2020
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