How Odoo In-App-Purchase Service Work

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How Odoo In-App-Purchase Service Work
Ismail Harake
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Odoo In-App-Purchase

Odoo In-App-Purchase refers to the buying of the service from inside the application. 

The Odoo  In-App-Purchase targeted the partners and the integrators, who wish to integrate their system with a third party, or wishes to provide microtransaction services, they get paid as the transaction goes on. 


Odoo In-app purchases let you charge the transaction fee for every transaction. 

Each such in-app-purchase transaction involves three or four different parties:

  1. The Service provider is (probably) you the reader, you will be providing value to the consumer within the variety of a service paid per-use.

  2. The consumer installed your Odoo App, and from there'll request services.
    Odoo brokers crediting, the consumer adds credit to their account, and you'll be able to draw credits from there to supply services.

  3. The External Service is an associate: you'll be able to either give a service directly, otherwise you will delegate the particular service acting as a bridge/translator between the associate Odoo system and also the actual service.​

How Odoo IAP works

  1. The consumer requests a service of some type.

  2. The Service provider asks Odoo if there area unit enough credits for the service within the Client’s account, and creates a group action over that quantity.

  3. The Service provider provides the service (either on their own or line of work to External Services).

  4. The Service provider goes back to Odoo to capture (if the service might be provided) or cancel (if the service couldn't be provided) the group action created at step a pair of.

  5. Finally, the Service provider notifies the consumer that the service has been rendered, probably (depending on the service) displaying or storing its leads to the client’s system.

Odoo IAP Service

 In-App Purchase (IAP) permits providers of ongoing services through Odoo apps to be compensated for in-progress service use instead of a sole initial purchase. Users purchase service tokens from Odoo. Service providers draw tokens from the user's Odoo account once service is requested.

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Register Your Service

To form a service, attend your Portal Account on the IAP termination ( for production, for testing, the endpoints are independent and not synchronized). 

Instead, you'll visit your portal on Odoo ( and choose In-App Services.

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Develop an Odoo App

The second step is to develop an Odoo App that purchasers will install in their Odoo instance and thru thatthey'll request the services you offer. Our app can simply add a button to the Partners type that lets a user request burning some C.P.U. time on the server.

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Create Credit

Odoo does not provide you with a currency for your service. You will need to name it, and you can charge the service as you see fit. Odoo does not credit 1 unit for 1 US Dollar or 1 Euro. 

In this section, you will need to create it and price it to your business requirement.

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In your IAP app that you register you can also define packs, what does a pack allow you to do? a pack will allow you the different sizes of you know services let's say for a small. The business you want to give a small pack for trying out your application you want to create a starter pack so in my case I have a 100 credit starter pack.

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With Odoo, you can create and design the app that you think will help your business. 

Odoo was designed to help businesses improve and with the help of Odoo IAP, your company will have an extra boost for the future. 

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

How Odoo In-App-Purchase Service Work
Ismail Harake October 21, 2020
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