How to implement Odoo Digital Signature

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Odoo Digital Signature

Odoo Digital Signature may be a quick way to send, sign, and approve your business documents. With the Odoo Sign module on the market within the Enterprise version, you'll prepare contracts by dragging and dropping blocks to be completed by the opposition parties, submit signature requests in seconds and track the standing of sent documents.

How to Implement Odoo Digital Signature to your Business?

Step 1

( This module is only available in the Odoo enterprise version)

Install Odoo Digital Signature Module.

Go to Documents Module or App, on the left side of the form you will see " Request A Signature".

Once you click on " Request A Signature", "Upload A PDF Template" appears and now you can upload any PDF file from your system to your Odoo database.

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Step 2

After uploading the file, you can easily edit and modify the document with the drag and drop feature.

Then go to Settings > Technical > Email Outgoing Mail Servers, then click on create.

Test your connection, to see if your test succeeded or failed.

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Step 3

Once you have a success message, you will need to start configuring your outgoing server to the email template for your Odoo Digital Signature Module.

Go to Settings > Technical > Email > Templates.

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Step 4

You will see " Document signed request", open the template and go to advanced settings.

In the outgoing mail server, search for your outgoing mail server name and save it

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Step 5 

Now you can send your documents to all your contacts.
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Step 6

Now it's time for your contacts to sign the document and resend it.

Click on "Sign Document Now".

A page will appear and redirect to the Odoo document page 
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Step 7

Adopt and Sign: when adding the signature, by clicking this field your signature is transferred to the document.

After finishing the document automatically “Validate and Send Completed Document” button is available, at the top of a document, clicking on this document will be forwarded to the one that is formed and additionally updated standing.

Odoo Digital Signature: Benefits

                                    1. Security: The digital signature is over a scribble on the screen of a device. Being based on digital certificates, it offers a better level of security than the paper contract, due to the uneven coding it uses. This permits verifying the digital identity of every signer and maintaining the chain of custody.

                                    2. Evidence: digital signatures facilitate establish and attest signatories, and collect knowledge that may later function as proof. They additionally enable getting an associate audit path if necessary.

                                    3. Location Access: Either outside the workplace or from home, the digital signature brings the advantage of having the ability to be used wherever necessary.


                                    Digital document management systems will facilitate your organization saves time, money, and house providing higher security for
                                    productivity and reducing on work.
                                    Advantages were listed for the implementation and use of those sorts of signatures, however, every company or organization will realize its own specific advantages considering their wants, their budget, and therefore the system’s capability to adapt to them.

                                    If you want to learn more about the benefits that the qualified Odoo digital signature can bring to your organization, ask for a demo, and check it out for yourself.

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                                    50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

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                                    How to implement Odoo Digital Signature
                                    Ismail Harake January 6, 2021
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