Inventory Warehouse Management

How to manage Inventory in Warehouse efficiently
December 17, 2020 by
Inventory Warehouse Management
Ismail Harake

One of the most important areas for any manufacturer or vendor is the detailed and productive managing of inventory, as efficient inventory management gives you and your customers the utmost satisfaction. In addition, adequate inventory means that you have effective preparation and efficiency. Proper inventory control has many advantages. We would suggest in this blog how any organization should handle inventory in a warehouse by different methodologies & approaches in a proper manner. 

Why is inventory warehouse management essential & crucial in every company?

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Management is one of the most basic building blocks for the sustainability of any stock and inventory business. If the inventory is well managed, the remainder of the supply chain management process would collapse into one right position. You could be at risk of bad product management of out-of-stock, overstocking, miss-picks, or missing shipments.

For any organization, efficient and productive warehouse and inventory management are

essential. For instance, miss-picks result from wrong pick lists, disorganized shelf labeling, or in general, just a messy warehouse. At the outset of the inventory process, miss-shipments are a direct result of miss-picks and are often a result of a lack of quality management control procedures. 

Out of stocks and surplus, stocks arise where a corporation uses manual processes to position orders without providing complete knowledge of the status of the inventory. For inventory forecasting, this is not a reasonable indicator and results in too much stock or too little. 

All of these errors will not only cost you money but will also cost you later in lost labor spent correcting the errors. Your chance of human error failures goes up by the minute because you do not incorporate management software. And the consumer feedback and satisfaction are still getting a disappointing blow.

Inventory Warehouse Management

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In order to ensure effective inventory management, planning the warehouse is another significant activity. A foolproof warehouse architecture design would increase productivity for all the tasks relevant to your stock. Warehouse management is the supervision of a warehouse's day-to-day tasks, such as delivering & shipping, receiving, putting-away, and choosing items. 

Powerful management of the warehouse lets you meet and maintain all your supplies, planning & organizing means that you have a minimal lack of inventory and delays in shipping. In order to implement proper warehouse inventory management, you should use different approaches, such as: maximizing the warehouse layout, storing inventory depending on the turnover ratio, periodically doing period counts, enhancing warehouse security, proper identification of goods, minimizing material processing, and eventually educating workers over time.

Proactive planning or preparation and analysis provides you with a thorough look into the correct setup of physical spaces, with materials and equipment in their required positions to effectively promote object travel in the warehouse storeroom.

Establishing an Inventory Measurement Program

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Implementing business best practices, such as cycle-counting, for inventory operations, allows you to Keep inventory accuracy at high standards by participating in auditing procedures. It tends to decrease safety inventory ratios and inventory carrying costs.

Via an inventory management system, the use of KPI's main success metrics lets you make successful decisions and strategies. With improved customer loyalty with inventory efficiency metrics, you can even improvise on the cash flow and reduce the operational situation. 

Implementing a powerful Warehouse Management System.

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In managing day-to-day warehouse processes, a WMS-warehouse management system implementation provides you with many advantages and benefits. Warehouse software provides instructions for companies to obtain inventory and maximize shipment and picking. A stand-alone approach may be warehouse management software or applied as an ERP software. 

WMS eliminates the errors that can occur during inventory processing by automating the processes using barcodes and scanners.

Compared to manual tracing and administration, the WMS available on the market also allows you to meet orders more efficiently. In comparison, it also encourages you to execute paperless operations where the workers recognize which activities to execute. Some of them include the end number of advantages of obtaining a WMS-reduction in delivery time, improved inventory accuracy, improvised customer care, powerful usage of space, improvement in warehouse efficiency, lower labor costs, and so on...

Inventory Warehouse Management through Materials Requirement Planning

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Inventory management by MRP means that the inventory needs are taken into account in supply, demand, and forecasting. MRP allows you to organize the best use of your money in the course of ordering and scheduling. The three primary aims that MRP achieves are as follows: 

1-MRP guarantees that supplies are sufficient for processing and that finished products are available for consumer distribution while ensuring minimal amounts of inventory. 

2-Maintaining the lever for buffer stocks as directed by the company 

3-Plan production and buying processes with distribution dates, lead times, and sales.

MRP (Material Requirements Planning) is also a method used by industrial companies for computerized ordering and scheduling. It utilizes (BOM) material bills, purchase orders, and projections to produce specifications for raw materials that are often called components or parts. It also collects new order parameters when they come in, poses shortages if they occur, and if necessary, recommends ordering/building based on data collected. Manufacturers easily manage the raw materials and work in progress by MRP.

Improvize Supply Chain Partner Interface 

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Inventory challenges will be reduced by reaching additional manufacturers & vendors and supply chain partners, allowing you to enhance accuracy and customer experience by involving qualified partners. Companies and their manufacturers can build extremely competitive supply chains by working closely together. Failure to comply results in information being skewed as it passes through a supply chain, which can lead to expensive inefficiencies in turn. In order to strengthen supply chain stakeholders, steps should be taken to boost:

Phase 1: Before starting the supply chain enhancement project, develop and collectively define the framework and priorities of your business. 

Phase 2: Prepare the main for team selection procedures, advantage share arrangements, supply chain mapping, etc. 

Phase 3: It would allow you to reap commercial gains by incorporating the mutual supply chain development initiative into the respective organization.


With industry-specific ERP tools, the above list of techniques that we listed can be used as it offers you successful inventory accuracy for your company. We give you one of the leading open source ERP applications at ERPCloud LLC that includes various modules such as sales, purchase, inventory, warehouse, MRP, and so on. Odoo warehouse management module enables warehouse and shipping features to be automated by manufacturers and traders. The Odoo WMS module is designed for those suppliers who manage a huge number of shipments every day, taking into account the efficiency and speed of operations. It eliminates process times, automates all transactions in your warehouse, and allows you absolute traceability of all your operations. 

Write to us at if you are interested in knowing and implementing Odoo at your business end. Our dedicated team of Odoo experts is ready to customize and implement the right solutions to endure maximum results at your business organization that can promise more leads, sales, and revenue.


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Inventory Warehouse Management
Ismail Harake December 17, 2020
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