Join Meeting with Odoo ERP

Join Meeting with Odoo ERP

We process a great deal of data at work every day. Our brains are a tornado of knowledge, from personal to technical. How many of these have an impression on us? How much of what we hear is swept out in the flow of our thoughts? We live in an information age, and keeping track of and managing the flood of data that is thrown at us every minute is no simple job. The day starts as we wake up to the news of the day. We, as curious creatures, would never be able to avoid the flood of knowledge.

People are more forgetful, reckless, and overwhelmed in their professional and personal life as the smartphone age progresses. Does this, though, imply that we should abandon technology? Is it possible to stop it in the twenty-first century? No one ever says no, nor should we? Is it really enough to leave the circle? 

Real, we cannot exist as social beings in the age of technology without relying on technology.
We're free to take a rest. However, giving up automation comes with a slew of trade-offs in both the technical and personal realms.

However, we should all do a better job of adapting to the rising technological revolution. We can arrange and handle information using the same technologies.

Now that we've merged home and office, the pandemic has made life more difficult. The boundary between professional and personal space has become so blurred that many of us are having trouble distinguishing between the two. We're having difficulty determining where to draw the thread.
It's almost always dragging from work to home or vice versa. Finding the right mix has been a real problem. 

We should still look for ways to help handle knowledge in these difficult times.
This can be accomplished by:

- Sorting and prioritizing the material that has been obtained.

- Making a list of relevant facts

- Minimizing sessions and paperwork

These aspects will help you handle your data more efficiently.

We should still set out an agenda for discussions to prevent needless information overload. Odoo Meeting minutes are, once again, unavoidable. It is not appropriate to take notes on what is said in sessions. It's an official paper that can be accessed and shared in the context of the meeting's agendas. 

Meetings may provide critical knowledge that has ramifications for the company's future. As a result, it's important that we keep accurate records of our sessions. Meetings are never monologues, but rather engaging workshops in which we discuss, innovate, and draw new ideas on the topic at hand. As a consequence, it's crucial that we skim the load and record the meeting's key takeaways.

Minutes of sessions should be dealt with restraint. We can't compromise or lose out on details, but it also can't be a verbatim copy of the conference. The details must be skimmed carefully. 

It is often useful when collaborating on a conference minute to communicate with the other participants.

Odoo ERP reports include the ability to make notes and to-do lists, as well as the ability to collaborate on Odoo meeting minutes with other participants. 

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Set up Odoo Meeting

Next, let's look at how to set up meetings in Odoo ERP. The calendar software, which can be downloaded from the Odoo app store, shows a list of upcoming meetings for the month.

By looking at the date and changing the time and attendees, we will build a new gathering. 

We will include the conference schedule as well as all other relevant material in the meeting minutes. 

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Minutes of Meeting

We should go to the notes module to build meeting minutes after we've established the meeting. The notes that have been made would appear in the dashboard, and we may opt to make a new record. We may opt to build a new note under one of the stages shown in the dashboard, and the note will be automatically flagged as belonging to that point. 

The notes that have been made are private, and we can add followers to each note in the edit option. 

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Minutes of Coordination

We will scroll down in the edit notes window to connect supporters to a conference. Below the notes page, you'll see the supporters and attachments. We can see the list of followers and add followers by clicking on the follower's button.

From the contact list, we can choose which followers have access to the minutes. The invite email may be sent to the newly added subscribers. By introducing new supporters or platforms to the note, we will collaborate on it. The followers' comments would be color-coded to make it easier to keep track of their contributions. 

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Create a New Channel

In the discuss module, we can create channels. We may build new channels and connect representatives to them from the list of channels shown. We can edit the channel settings by pressing the settings tab. From the preferences, we can change the channel's privacy and representatives. From the updated list of channels shown, the latest channel can be added to the notices.

Members of the channel will now edit and add to the meeting minutes with our support. 

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Drag and Drop is a method for moving objects from one

The notes you've made can be dragged and dropped between the dashboard's levels. A meeting minute note may be pulled to notes or to-do list, and vice versa.

Notes on the Internal Log

Using the log note choice below the notes tab, the admin may keep track of internal notes for the minutes made. 

Plan the events.

We will plan a new task directly from the note, based on the Odoo meeting's decisions and conclusion. We may select the type of operation and appoint an individual to it.

Meeting minutes can be registered in Odoo Notes, and the module is combined with Odoo Discuss for improved features. We will increase the performance and reliability of the applications by using Odoo's different apps that fit well with the other modules. 

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Join Meeting with Odoo ERP
Ismail Harake March 31, 2021
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