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Live Chat supports are common in all businesses. Most of the shoppers have an interest in digital communication strategies. Of all strategies, Live chat support is additionally distinguished instead of email or alternative social media.

As a result of live chat provides a time period platform to speak with the service suppliers.

Also, this may cut back time consumption, and also the shoppers get an on the spot reply from them to resolve the problems. The chat is saved.

The shoppers also can inform their satisfactory level on the spot itself.
Odoo 13 website permits live chat which can move with shoppers on the web site to provide support. An on-screen dialogue box lets them confine bit with the sales team terribly quickly, remodeling leads into future business opportunities in no time. 

Using different channels Odoo will handle the live chat service. You will be able to set different messages to handle the welcome message, by message, and taking feedback.

 Customers will send feedback and their responses and ratings are recorded within the side.
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Apps > Live Chat

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Click "Create"
In order to create a new Channel.
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To name the channel, add the channel name under the Operation tab.
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You can also add automated messages or welcome script, under Operation Tabs.

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Under the Channel Rules tab, you can set up the rules of your live support channel.

Click Add a line, to add channel rules.

You'll set rules in such a way that show the chat in those countries wherever you've got language proficiency to speak. 

You'll hide chats in countries wherever you do not understand the language or wherever your company does not sell them.

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Add the particulars and save. You'll apply an action for the given URL, and per country. 

To identify the country, GeoIP should be put in on your server, otherwise, the countries of the rule won't be taken into consideration.

Save changes once all particulars are properly entered. You've got 3 sensible buttons within the channel sessions, Happy, and head to the website. 

At the initial stage,  ‘Go-To website’ sensible button is in an unpublished stage.

Thus we've got to publish it initially.

Click on "head to website". 

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To publish the Website, click on "Unpublished".

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Click on the chatbox that appeared on the button of your Website.

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The "Chatbox" is active.

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You'll see the default you tend to come message as you set it within the ‘Options’ tab of the channel.

Insert the 
question within the chat box provided. 

These chat, messages are going to be saved within the side.

One will see menus like Channels, visitors, reports, and configuration.
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On clicking ‘Channels’ we are able to realize all the prevailing channels and after you open any of the sessions within the channel you'll read the records of your chat.

When the chat box is closed it will ask the viewer for feedback.
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Go to Live chat > Reporting > Customer Rating.
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Live Chat > Configuration > Canned Responses
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Live Chat Configuration in Odoo 13

Now we tend to area unit planning to have a glance at however we are able to build a Live Chat device o a web page.
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1. Open the channel form and copy the script.

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2. Go To Settings > User Interface > Views.

Search ‘Main Layout’ using the search.

3. Paste the derived code within the header tag and save the changes.

4.  Currently refresh the webpage. thus you'll be able to see the chatter button.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Contact us, if you require any additional information.

Livechat Module
Ismail Harake December 3, 2020
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