Manage Odoo Manufacturing Order

Manage Odoo Manufacturing Order

Odoo Manufacturing Module

Manufacturing order may be defined as a word that is often used while producing one or more items.
There are two sorts of manufacturing orders: planned and released orders. For every product for which we have previously specified basic details, we may place a production order.

A manufacturing order may also be defined as an order that is required to begin the production process. Internal orders and subcontract orders are two examples of manufacturing orders. 

After establishing a bill of material for a product, we create a production order for that product in the manufacturing sector. Bills of material, as you may know, assist us in calculating the number of raw materials necessary for various goods.

Let's take a look at the bill of materials first. 

Odoo Manufacturing Order

Bill of Material, or BoM, is a document used by the manufacturing sector to record the number of raw materials used in the creation of a unit of a certain product. A bill of material is primarily used to keep track of the number of items produced and the price of the finished product.

You can develop and manage production orders based on this bill of material. 


The significance of placing a manufacturing order

All manufacturing-related operations in an industry are supported by manufacturing orders, as we can see. In addition to manufacturing orders, every sector has a variety of other sorts of orders. We must get a buyer's sales order, complete the sales procedure, and produce a purchase order in order to acquire a product or material from a vendor. 

Let us now turn our attention to the administration of manufacturing orders.

We will be able to manufacture our items in a variety of methods thanks to the Odoo manufacturing module. Let's look at the two methods for producing using this module.

1.Odoo makes it easy for us to create a manufacturing order by guiding us through a few simple steps. We can simply complete the manufacturing if we follow this strategy.

2.If you choose the second option, we may manage the manufacturing through work order customization. This is accomplished through the use of a routing mechanism and the management of the work center. 

How can production be managed in a single step?

Managing manufacturing orders entails overseeing the whole process without regard for routing. If we apply this approach, we can construct a manufacturing order in only one step, and we won't need to utilize routing to do the job. 

When is it appropriate to utilize a single-step manufacturing method? 

This is especially beneficial for small-scale manufacturing units and other industrial units that complete tasks with only one work center. Or, to put it another way, this can be utilized if the operation is limited to a single step.

Odoo comes with a set of default settings. We can control production processes without routing using one of these options. 

Make a manufacturing order without going through the routing process. This is a simple method for creating a manufacturing order without having to go through the routing procedure. 

Let's see what we can do. Take the Manufacturing> Operations> Manufacturing Order method to do this. 

Odoo Manufacturing Order Module 

Is it possible to discover all of the existing Manufacturing Orders here?

Yes, we can use this as a chance to develop a new Manufacturing Order. 


Many fields may be found here; let us consider the value of these areas and the information we must provide. The product name can be entered in the product column. With the aid of the drop-down menu, we can select our product.

We can also discover Quantity to Create, which allows us to specify the number of units of the product we wish to produce.

We may choose the BoM (Bill of Material) from here because we've previously produced it. We can build a new BOM from here if we haven't already done so.

Naturally, we'll need to set a timetable for finishing the production process. This job is made possible by the planned Date option. 

The term "responsible" refers to the individuals who will be in charge of the manufacturing order.

We may pick the reference of the document that was used to produce the order request when we add a source. We may now utilize the CONFIRM button because we have finished the task. Let's have a look at the tabs listed below. 

Let's have a look at the tabs listed below. 

The Components Tab allows us to add the product as well as the products to consume. The by-products tab, on the other hand, will allow you to enter the number of by-products produced during the manufacturing process.

The Work Order tab shows us everything we need to know about the work center, the work operation, and the start date. It also allows us to include the anticipated end date. Furthermore, we are informed of the actual time spent and the status of the order.

The Miscellaneous tab allows users to input information about the type of operation, component locations, and end product locations. 

With the help of the Finalize button, we can now confirm the order.

Odoo Manufacturing Module 

Following the option's activation, Click Save.

We can now create a new Manufacturing Order in only a few steps. Let's go over the Manufacturing Order again. 

How may routings and work centers be used to control manufacturing?

We can now look at the second way for creating manufacturing orders in Odoo. We'll examine how to develop Manufacturing Order if the manufacturing process is performed with the help of multiple work centers in this section.

This is more useful when dealing with complex industrial processes. This is a more advanced way since it allows us to develop Manufacturing Order for any activity that is involved. This multi-step procedure will assist us in configuring the procedure by allowing us to manage work centers and routes. It also enlists the assistance of work orders.

What is the best way to achieve this?

Let's go to Manufacturing -> Configuration -> Settings and see what we can find. The Operations Tab can be found here. 

Work Orders can be activated from the Work Orders tab.

Select the Create button and fill in all of the relevant information. 

We can choose the product, the amount to be produced, the Bill of Materials, and so on. All of this is done in the same way as we do it for Manufacturing Order, with no routing. 


Operations, work center, timetable start date, and estimated finish date can all be added here. We'll also obtain the real-time length and status. We have the flexibility to add as many operations and work centers as we wish. 

We can use the Confirm button to finish the Manufacturing Order creation once you've completed the process. This is how we use Odoo 14 to create Manufacturing Order. 

Manage Odoo Manufacturing Order
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Odoo Manufacturing Order