Managing Multi-Channel Selling With Odoo

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October 6, 2020 by
Managing Multi-Channel Selling With Odoo
Ismail Harake

Managing Multi-Channel Selling With Odoo


I'm going to discuss with you about managing Multi-channel Selling with Odoo, we are going to discuss some of the topics such as:

  • What is Multi-Channel Selling

  • What are the needs and Benefits of Multi-channel selling?

  • What are the Challenges for Multi-Channel Selling? and How you can address them using Odoo

What is Multi-Channel Selling?

Most of you would be aware of this, so I'm not going into the details, but to put it in simple words, selling on more than one sales shell.As multi-channel selling, probably some of you are already multi-channel sellers right now and why do this today. 

Today, it is important for a seller to be present everywhere where their consumers are, and that essentially is the concept of Multi-Channel Selling. Therefore, as a Seller you don't just sell in one place you settle on a physical store, you may have one or more physical stores, you can have you own online store, webstore built out of any platform, and you can sell on many popular market places, such as Amazon and EBay, and there are several other lacally famous marketplaces as well.

Basically, Multi-channel Selling is Selling on multiple sales channels will provide you some sort of Advantages.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Benefits of Multi-Channel Selling

The idea behind Multi-Channel Selling, is that you can be a part of your bias journey, no matter where the consumers go. 

With multi-channel selling, is that you don't just limit your presence to one place and the advantage is that you know your buyer has multiple touchpoints and as a seller, you are present on all of those touchpoints. 

As a result, your market reach has increased because normally what happens is that buyers usually start their buying journey by searching for a product on a search engine like Google, or on a marketplace like Amazon. If you are only present in one place you can't reach the consumers searching for your product on Amazon. But if you are present in multiple places no matter where the consumers' search, on the marketplace or search engine, they will be able to reach you.

You have increased your presence in the market. You obviously get to stay ahead of the competition, which os a benefit of Multi-Channel Selling, and it also helps you in building a brand value because as you can imagine that is a brand becomes popular that is easily accessible.

One of the most unique characteristics of the brand, becoming popular, is that they are asily accessible so whenever people buy products they usually prefoer their brand to be available in multiple places.

Odoo • Image and Text

Well, know that Channel Loyalty has become a thing of the past. There's no such thing as channel loyalty because in today's world people search for a single product every once they compare the prices, see reviews, so they know if it really is worth the purchase.

If there's any urgency it's a different matter, but normally consumers look for a specific product even after they searched for multiple places for the same product. Consumers do that in order to receive a better deal or good shipping service, or whatever it may be. 

Therefore as Multi-Channel Seller, you will be diversifying the risks, as well as, it adds to your current value as a seller.

One of the biggest challenges, that Multi-channel Selling, faces is keeping their branding and message consistent on all the different platforms or channels. 

When you begin investing in Multi-channel Selling, you are forced to manage the message and branding across all the different platforms. In addition, all the different platforms have different requirements, influence, and practices. 

Each Channel can have a different requirement when it comes to image size, quality, graphic, and word count. 

Order Process and Fulfilment

Order Processing and Fulfilment is a challenge that Multi-Channel Seller has to go through. 

It's good enough that you bring these orders into a single environment but obviously the next thing is processing them and sending them out for fulfillment. The software doesn't only need to import orders but also it sorts of reach to have this possibility of processing and fulfilling the orders as well, and in that terms, Odoo is excellent software in itself, it provides great capabilities for managing delivery orders and picking, packing, shipping all the three stages. 

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Order Management

You go about doing Multi-Channel Selling, it's important to have a central order management system, and Order Management is one of the biggest challenges because of what you want to do. You are selling on 2 or 3 Marketplaces, or even more, you have 1 or 2 web stores off your own, you have a physical store, and stores where you sell products from all these sales channels and imagine having to log in to each and every portal to see the incoming orders.

This process can become overwhelming, and so what you need is a central order management system. Odoo already offers a very good Management system, you can manage the complete order cycle but to pull the orders from all these systems Odoo and Emipro has some sophisticated applications to help you solve the problem.

You can also integrate your E-commerce Platform with the Odoo software. This process will help you simplify and synchronize all the platforms with Odoo or Empiro.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Managing Multi-Channel Selling With Odoo
Ismail Harake October 6, 2020
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