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Digital Campaign with Odoo 14


We are going to talk about Digital campaigns and especially how you can measure your digital Campaign using Odoo. You will be presented with some basics about digital marketing but also focus on what's in it for you in using Odoo and in the end, there will be a short demo

Let's start with "WHY", and what are the goals you want to achieve.


If you have a website without a digital marketing strategy, no one will be able to find you online and your product and services will remain unknown. 

Digital Marketing is used to: 

  • Drive a Positive brand image

  • Stimulate a good Customer Experience

  • Increase Profitability

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Digital Marketing is global. It is everywhere, and you can access it anywhere at any time. And that is what makes the difference between you and the competition.

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You need to broadcast in multiple sations, such as TV, or Radio stations, you will end up spending millions without knowing if your target audience saw the message or Ad.

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Using Digital Marketing, you know exactly who is your buyer and you know all of their characteristics, such as age, sex, habits, if they are important information to drive to a personal message

Traditional Marketing will generate leads and will increase sales, but it is not cost-effective, because each year you will have a larger budget for marketing. 

  In Digital Marketing, you can launch multiple campaigns. Some of those campaigns might work and others might not so then you can focus on what is working rather than what is not without losing a large budget on a failed campaign.

How to measure the Returns With Digital Campaign

You have real-time data, you have data analytics that is showing you what is working and what is not and then you adjust and optimize your campaign.

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Why was everything mentioned and explained

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Well with Odoo it's all integrated into one place. Digital Marketing is a really busy word. When you hear it you think about SEO, search engine optimization. 

You also hear about, push notifications, email marketing. 

In reality, you need to know where to start? and How to start? and How to put that in place?

With Odoo it's an easy and simple process. You can combine all the modules from the launch of your campaign to the measurement of the cells, the sales targets from the website to the CRM, you can boost your visibility and take your notoriety to the next level.

What's in it for you?

You will have a powerful Campaign Management System, which means the campaign management system will help you create campaigns on Social Media, for example, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. You just have to focus on what is causing your business to increase.

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Content Creation

Content Creation Takes a lot of time to get inspired and create templates. Odoo has a powerful content creation system, to where you can choose between a lot of pre-saved templates, or you can design one from scratch, 

Marketing Automation

Market Automation seems like a very difficult thing to apply, but it's how to automate one's activity after another based on the result and the outcome of the first activity.

For Example, I decided to send one email, and after that email, I want to trigger something else for the people that opened that email. Yes, that is possible to do that.

Everything is optimized for you to have the best result, and for your salespeople to focus on the sales pipeline. 

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Analytics Performance

Data will give you the right direction, data will tell you what is working and what is not. It also provides data related to who opened the sent email, who replied, and who did not bother to open it. 

New functionalities, in Odoo 14:

  • 24/7 mail recap

  • Customer Preview Text

  • Mail Header Snippet

24/7 mail recap, the creator of the campaign will receive an email every day, just to show the overview of the data.

Customer Preview Text, it's just a small feed that you can fil in when you create your digital campaign, and your customer service will receive it in their mailbox, and then they will see this short catchy sentence that gives them the need to open the preview.

Mail Header Snippet, sometimes, in the email, you can see this like view online, it helps to open in a new window in your browser, to open it full screen to visualize better the email.

Check out the video, it's related to the blog and will provide you with a demo For Odoo 14

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

Master Your Odoo Digital Campaign
Ismail Harake October 6, 2020
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