New ERP Trend

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New ERP Trend
Ismail Harake
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New ERP Trend

ERP or enterprise resource planning software system operates as a network connecting completely different departments and managing all operations.

ERP will facilitate a business to manage purchase, sales, production, design schedules, and each minor and major step concerned within the business. There are several facts and myths regarding ERP

ERP is something that's an inevitable part of any business despite the size and form of the company.

-The term ERP became standard within the Nineties.

-ERP was 1st accustomed to managing solely the producing operations and former to exploitation ERP the business world used the term MRP or producing Resource designing.

-The code witnessed steady growth within the Nineties with the augmented use of computers and therefore the web.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

-ERP was at first accustomed manage back-office connected operations

-CRM and connected operations got integrated into ERP at a later stage

-The current ERP was initially named ERP II

_The ERP post-2000 targeted more on web-based operations with the enhanced use of web facilities.

-ERP focuses a lot on client relationship management, provide chain mechanism, and business intelligence.

-With these developments, ERP became standardized, clear and helped the companies to expand internationally.

As we've got knowledgeable about the history of ERP, we are able to currently progress to the recent trends in ERP.

While several businesses depend upon an economical ERP system that might manage their business effectively throughout the pandemic, several different sectors that were nonetheless to embrace ERP had struggled a great deal. Learning from the experiences and examples, a lot of business ventures are probably to adopt ERP solutions for his or her future advantages. ERP giving clear and remote operation of the business will facilitate a company to manage and monitor the work of their workers from anyplace within the world.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Key advantages of ERP in 2020

Tracking of worker performance

-Employee work hour calculation

-productivity management

-tracking of accounting and finance operations

-Online client relationship management support

-Quick door delivery and dropship service management

-easy pursuit of services and product

-improved social media and online selling support

-Reporting on employee performance and client satisfaction

-Analysis of effectiveness and productivity

Cloud goes to be a serious attraction in 2021. Cloud helps the users to access the simplest and latest ERP support. This additionally helps the business to simply integrate the ERP with different tools. not like different services, you have got to obtain the services that you just get. The payment for backup and different supports are determined to support the usage pattern. It additionally ensures improved knowledge security. It may provide you with an organized structure compared to on-premise. Cloud adoption has augmented the demand for SaaS ERP solutions
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

AI integration

Artificial intelligence has been the talk of the city for many years. However, 2021 is unquestionably attending to be a very important year for the ERP sector. The augmented use of AI-based ERP is probably going to induce a position within the business this year. this may promote innovative processing ways. AI can facilitate the business to remodel the ideas into reality. machine-controlled knowledge assortment, compilation, and management become easy with AI influence. it'll facilitate the business to induce away with the unstructured knowledge and structure it to induce the simplest network.

AI will play a key role in up the progress and minimizing human errors. it'll scale back the time for knowledge migration and loading. It will simply track time period and schedule work hours.

Augmented use of visual data

A show will influence you during a higher means than audio. Within an unreal ERP, the resolution will have a fast impact on the business management system. ERP like Odoo will facilitate the user to use texts, graphs, figures, and different fields to relinquish a lot of correct and fast to know reports and analysis.


Only Niche ERP systems are going to be ready to meet the growing demands of business teams in 2021. each business needs niche solutions. a distinct segment ERP can facilitate the business to manage computer code and connected operations to induce customized support. Customization at its best is very important in this era. What the business dream is very specialized and focussed ERP support systems that are developed to suit each minute demand of the business.

Third-party integration

Nowadays businesses are wanting forward to ERP tools that may be integrated with each different operation of the business. It ought to be compatible to be integrated with the system tools and different computer code systems that square measure employed by the business. IT ought to be ready to manage warehouses, guarantee client relations and track and manage workers and resources. At an equivalent time, the computer code ought to work with all tools.

Two-Tier System

Globalization with localization is that the trend of the day. whereas the companies need to expand their wings within the international market, they require to take deep into the native market additionally. The two-tier ERP system focuses on customizing the ERP tool to fulfill the world wants similarly as native wants. It ought to be appropriate to fulfill the necessities of the company world similarly as little businesses.

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New ERP Trend
Ismail Harake February 10, 2021
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