New Rentals with Odoo 15 CRM Module

New Rentals with Odoo 15 CRM Module

Odoo ERP is a complete software package for bettering your company's management. It includes a variety of modules that will assist you in effectively managing business processes. The Odoo CRM module in Odoo is only focused to the maintenance and retention of client connections. When compared to other dedicated CRMs, Odoo CRM has the most remote functionalities.

The Odoo CRM module is connected with other Odoo modules, ensuring a smooth workflow inside the company. When using Odoo CRM for lead generation and maintenance, it's a piece of cake.
  New quotations can be provided to the lead, and their responses can be simply recorded.

Odoo 15 CRM Module

The pipeline may be examined by stages on the dashboard, and each lead's details can be viewed by simply clicking on it. It has a modern user interface that is tailored to sales and sales activities. Leads are generated automatically as a result of the customer's social interactions. Emails, VoIP calls, website visits, and online conversations are all options. Odoo CRM allows you to score and nurture leads by establishing campaigns and other actions. Leads are scored based on a variety of factors, including location, time, and the number of pages visited. You can pick whether or not to move the lead into the category of potential customer after seeing the entire score.
The GeoIP (Internet geolocation) of website users is determined using their IP address in order to obtain their nation, state, and city.
The Odoo CRM module can help you plan activities for each opportunity. The log can be used to see all of the activities that have been performed on the leads. This will assist in the analysis and tracking of each lead's progress. By glancing at the Odoo CRM dashboard, the sales staff would get a comprehensive image of the leads. In the pipeline, default stages can be seen, and leads may be moved to other stages with ease and speed utilizing the drag and drop option. More stages can be added to the dashboard depending on the demands of the firm. Every piece of information about the opportunity can be acquired, including emails, meetings, order history, website interaction, and so on. The marketing team can develop the next approach to convert the lead into a customer with this 360° visibility.
Salespeople can have a lead's address book, which contains information about the customer's preferences, such as preferred delivery method, preferred language, financial information, and so on. With Odoo CRM, you can access the customer's whole history, including actions, opportunities, invoices, sales orders, and dues. Odoo CRM may be used to analyze a variety of reports. With a single click, you may access the Dashboard, Forecast, Pipeline, Activities, and Partnership reports. This aids in determining progress and making future strategies to improve the sales team's efficiency. From the lead's profile in Odoo CRM, you can effortlessly make new quotations and rentals.

Creating new Rentals

Every lead is available on the dashboard and is classified into several phases based on their progress. Kanban, List, Calendar, Pivot, Graph, Cohort, Dashboard, Map, and Activity are all options for viewing the dashboard. To gather specific leads, different filters can be applied to the leads. Similarly, the Organize By option allows you to group specific leads according to your requirements. You can access the lead's details, including meeting data, quotation information, and similar leads in the system, by selecting the lead from the dashboard. You can use the NEW RENTAL button to make a new rental proposal. You must fill out the form page with information such as the customer's name, invoice address, delivery address, quotation template, referrer's name, commission plan, rental expiration date, pricelist, payment terms, and parrain.
Rentable products will be entered under the Order Lines option by default. By selecting the Add a Product option, you can add new products to the line. You can erase the listed products by pressing the delete icon at the end of the product. When you choose a product to add, the product's description, quantity, unit of measurement, unit price, taxes, and total amount are all automatically added. Click the ADD SHIPPING button to add the shipping cost to the total price. Similarly, you can add a coupon code to provide a discount to the lead by selecting the COUPON option.
The terms and conditions of the company's rental policy can be entered in the box provided.
Optional Products can be added to the Optional Products option if the company wants to give the lead optional products for rental purposes. By selecting the Add a Product option, you may enter the product's name, as well as the Description, Quantity, Unit of Measurement, and Unit Price.
Numerous different information about the rental can be added to the Other Info option, such as the Name of the Salesperson, Sales Team, Company, whether Online Signature and Online Payment are applicable or not, Customer Reference, Tags, Fiscal Position, Analytic Account, Shipping Policy, Delivery Date, Source Document, name of the Campaign, Medium used in the Campaign, and Source.
You can get a preview of the rental after adding all essential data and before sending it to the customer by selecting the Customer Preview option. The Email BY EMAIL button can be used to send the rental. You can store the rent proposal by using the SAVE button if you are planning to send it later.
It is not always essential to place a sales order in order to attract a customer and convert a lead into a potential customer; renting the products would suffice. Customers can learn more about items and services by renting them, and if they are satisfied with the rental products, they may place sales orders. You can quickly place rental quotations in an organized and effective manner using the Odoo CRM module. Odoo 15 CRM also makes it simple to create invoices and sign papers.
New Rentals with Odoo 15 CRM Module
Ismail Harake October 19, 2021
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