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what is new in Odoo 13

 Odoo 13 new features at Experience 2019 is a yearly event held by Odoo in Belgium, the primary purpose of this event is to show the latest Odoo version and to allow Odoo community to meet, network, and share experience. 4000 people registered for Odoo 13 experience. Odoo organized 180 conferences over three days.

During the Odoo experience 2019 Keynote, Fabien Pinckaers (Odoo founder) demonstrated some of the Odoo 13 new features that of Odoo version 13, that I would try to summarize them below:

  • New app to boost your marketing 

  • To generate more lead

  • Build your bland

  • App for salespeople to improve performance

  • To help them achieve better results in their target

  • Apps to enhance the operations

  • How you deliver the service 

  • How you delight the customer

  • App for accounting 

  • Human resources

we will go through the modules improvement one by one starting with the marketing.

Odoo 13 new features in Marketing

Being a marketer means that you have to deal with a hell of applications each day; it is very complex:

  1. Social media. (twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

  2. Online ads offline ads

  3. Content marketing 

  4. Lead marketing 

  5. Marketing automation

  6. Email marketing

  7. so many tools to do it right

As you already know, Odoo is the most advanced tool for marketing. It already contains modules for all:

(Marketing, Marketing automation, email marketing, Website content with blogs, landing pages, events, survey)

All the tools in a single platform.

I want to start with one of my favorite app in Odoo; it is the website builder. Do you know what is critical for your website, the most important thing for your website? It must look beautiful because the site is soo important, the first thing the visitors view about your business, you don't have a second chance to make a first impression. It has to look professional out of the box by default, even if you don't have a web designer. so Odoo reviewed all the Apps starting by the website

Below are the changes of the Odoo blog in Odoo Version 13.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Odoo 12 Blog

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Odoo 13 new features -


Let's Continue with the forum, here are the differences between Version 12 and Odoo Version 13:
Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Odoo 12 Forum

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Odoo 13 new features - Forum

here we continue with the event page, Odoo has the most advanced event platform:

  • multi-ticket

  • promotion

  • coupon

  • automated email marketing

Here is the upgrade that was made to the events page in Version 13.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Odoo 12 Events

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Odoo 13 new features -


That is not all, Odoo has Updated all other website features to clear by default. Moreover, Odoo announced that starting Odoo 13 all official Odoo themes will become open-sourced and free.

So we can make sure that anyone who opens a website on Odoo enterprise or Odoo community will have a beautiful website by default.

Let's have now a video demonstration on how you can use the Odoo 13 new features - website builder.


Driving Traffic to your website

Now that we have a beautiful website. The next step is to drive traffic to your website.

Here are the tools that we were available since Odoo Version 12:

  • Email Marketing

  • Marketing Automation

  • Events

  • Surveys

  • SEO tools

  • Live Chat

  • Link Tracker

  • Lead Management

Odoo Version 13 introduced new applications to better connect with the website visitors:

  • SMS Marketing

  • Social Marketing

Odoo • Text and Image

Odoo SMS Marketing App

Here are some examples on how you can use the SMS tool:

  • Event attendee

  • service reminder (oil change service, etc. )

  • link authentication

  • team members notification

  • Etc.

However, marketing is about generating leads, generating revenue so that everyone can reach their target goal.

So how can we benefit from this SMS feature for our lead generation efforts?

as we are adding a link to the SMS, you can now check all these statistics:

  • number of SMS being sent.

  • who received your SMS.

  • Leads generated by the people who clicked on the SMS.

  • Quotations related to the SMS campaign.

  • Revenues generated from this SMS.

And of course, full integration between the SMS app and the accounting out of the box. So you don't have to configure anything. You will get all of these features when you install the Odoo SMS app.

So we have now a tool to connect with your current customers using the SMS. However, we want to go further.

How can we go further with the marketing apps and connect more with your community, with your leads, with all your prospect customers? Because this is the basics of marketing.

So Odoo introduced a new app: Social Marketing app.

Odoo Social Media Marketing App

                                            Managing your social media platforms daily is very complicated. Every morning you have to check facebook, twitter, etc.
                                            • You would need at least 10 minutes for each one.

                                            • Then you must check your competitors, and this kind of tasks takes time.

                                            • It takes a lot of time to consolidate all of these statistics.

                                            • In order to understand the engagement with each of your statistics and check if it generated any revenue.

                                            • So to solve that, Odoo created one platform that integrates all the social application channels.

                                            Let's have a quick demo on how to benefit from the Odoo Social Marketing app.


                                            Odoo Social Media Marketing app would allow you to do the following:
                                            • A full overview of what people are saying about your company.

                                            • You can answer, like, click, and response to any of your posts from all social media using one page.

                                            • All Statistics from all platforms will be consolidated at the top.

                                            • You can even follow keywords or competitors.

                                            • Post to all platforms at once.

                                            • Schedule posts at any time or choose automatic posting according to time zone.

                                            So with the website builder, we were able to build a great landing page, then with the Social and SMS marketing apps, we were able to drive visitors into our landing page. Now another way to convert is Push notification.

                                            Odoo Push Notification

                                             Push Notification is the message we receive on our mobile or desktop when we subscribe to chrome, firefox, or any other internet browser.

                                            Push Notifications are extremely efficient. for example, when you send email marketing, the click-through rate is around 0.1%. However, for Push notification, the rate goes up from 2% to 10%.

                                            So it is hugely effective, but usually, it is very complex:

                                            1. you must add some javascript snippet to your website.

                                            2. then you need to find a  platform to push those notifications.

                                            3. and you must link each message with a customer.

                                            so as Odoo is using the same database it was able to do all of that out of the box. without any configuration required.

                                            here is a quick demo about Odoo push notifications.

                                            50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

                                            Join us and make your company a better place.

                                            Odoo 13 new features 2019
                                            Ali Atwi October 7, 2019
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