Odoo 14 Call For Tender And Blanket Orders

No matter what company or business you're running, without losing accuracy or consistency, you want things to happen as quickly and efficiently as possible, right? That's when it comes to beneficial tools and apps! Why waste time juggling orders and tenders if it's possible to automate so many tasks? 

Keep reading to find out how Odoo with Call for Tender and Blanket Orders features lets you save time. 

To begin with, let's figure out what purchase order management is and what each of these words in our context implies.

What is a Call for Tender?

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This process allows you to make requests from different vendors and choose the one that has the most desirable price, product, or service, starting with a call for tender. Choose the vendors you want to contact and the item you might be interested in and wait for your vendors to bid.

What is a Blanket Purchase Order?

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A Blanket Purchase Order (or Frame Contract) is where the supplier or provider has already been identified and you have an agreement to have several purchase orders, all based on a prior agreement, usually at a set price. You can build a promising contract with this option and therefore take advantage of the negotiated price for a prolonged period of time.

Odoo Platform: Call For Tenders And Blanket Orders

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The Odoo application acknowledges the need for purchasing arrangement operations in the company's activities and its resources in the real-time world. The platform also promotes the concept of purchasing agreements for events. Odoo has a dedicated tool on the company's platform to handle purchasing agreements. The user will primarily identify two forms of the 

purchase agreements of operations in the Odoo platform, one is the blanket order that requires the user to buy the commodity from the listed vendors in a community. And the other one is the call for a purchasing agreement of a tender kind.

A tender type call for a purchasing agreement would require the customer to specify the terms and conditions of the planned purchase, the allotted goods, and the financial issues involved. The tender purchase agreement call can be drawn up according to the user's wishes and can be submitted to the different suppliers to validate and approve it. The tender operations are given in pieces by the vendors in a real-time environment, and the company or entity will approve the subsequent one depending on the cost, reliability, product quality, and time of delivery, along with numerous other company operating constraints.

You must first enable the feature 'Purchase Agreements' under the Purchase app in the Configuration Menu to start using the Odoo Purchase Management program, 'Call for Tenders'.

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This feature would not only allow for tenders to be called but also for your blanket orders, which we will discuss in addition to this report. 
Now, you have a menu under "Agreement Types" where the rules for certain acts will be set. You will choose to pick several RFQs or not, in a Call for Tender, based on what your plan is going to be. If you are just searching for the lowest price, you may want to adjust the form of agreement to pick just one RFQ. One wonderful quality that Odoo purchase order software has is that when you start making quotations from your new form of agreement, you will plan how it will work. 
Let's hop into making one right now.
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You now have an option for your Purchasing Agreements in your "purchase" app. All of your actions relating to this agreement are described here. You can see that one of the first options is to create a form of agreement by making a purchase agreement now. Let's click “Call for tender”  and fill out all the other fields that are useful. 
One area that you do not want to fill out is the "Vendor" one, so you can submit more than one request for this. You're ready to launch your Call for Tender after choosing the product or items you're searching for. Odoo purchase order management program would intelligently give you the opportunity to start making "New Quotations" (after checking the purchase agreement).
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You are now ready to build as many quotations as you need to, in order to find the best deal given by the vendor. If you can see, Odoo is clever enough to fill out the product line automatically and fill in any details you might have inserted in the Purchasing Agreement. 
Note: This happens because, on the "Purchase Agreement" page, you configured it that way (See Above).
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After submitting this request to the vendors, all details about this demand for tender can be followed, all done through the purchase order management app. There's no related price, as you can see (below) in the order for the quotation you submit. This is because you want a recommended offer to be submitted to you by your vendor.
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            Now you can see: 
            *How many quote requests do you have connected to this call? 
            *Offers of yours 
            *The highest deal, the best offer 
            *You're now ready to make an educated decision.
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            You should update the information when the vendors reply to you with the pricing deals they are offering. Managing the data is simple before you're able to pick the best bid and go on with your order.

            Blanket Orders

            You pursue the same 'call for tender' pre-process to set up a Blanket Order. You set up the big picture of this agreement in your Purchase Agreements and go on to make the blanket order. As described above, this form of agreement is when, for a specified amount of product or for some predetermined period, you establish a deal with your vendor for a fixed/special price.

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            Now, let's hop into the creation of a new Purchasing Agreement with Blanket Order:  

            • Pick the vendor to whom you are offering this agreement and the commodity "product" you are involved in.
            • Set up the number and unit price that either your vendor is providing or you have already settled to in the package details. Let's assume that you have decided to buy screws for 1 euro each, but you MUST buy 100 of them.
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            You are now able to start generating new quotations for purchase order management applications. Let's presume you bought 10 screws from this vendor for your first order. On the top right of the agreement, you can now see that you have made an order.
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            In the line of your agreement, You can conveniently keep records of how many screws you have bought and how many are left in this Purchase Agreement. 
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            Now any time you buy Screws at this price from this firm, Odoo purchase order software will keep a record of it. This is how the blanket orders are handled as quickly as a normal purchase order. Tips: Within your product, under the Purchase Tab, you will have details about all these agreements.

            Do you want to implement Odoo Purchase Order software for Call For Tenders or Blanket Orders in your unique setup? For custom options, Erp Cloud LLC is ready to support. 
            If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us or just send a chat message and we will be happy to reply.

            50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

            Join us and make your company a better place.

            Odoo 14 Call For Tender And Blanket Orders
            Ismail Harake December 24, 2020
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