Odoo 14 CRM For A Clever Business

Why Odoo 14 CRM?
December 1, 2020 by
Odoo 14 CRM For A Clever Business
Ismail Harake
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Odoo 14 CRM for a Clever Business | Why Odoo 14 Customer Relationship Management System

In today's competitive environment if you are not constantly building a successful selling culture,  then you are losing key customer and bids to companies that implement ERP and  CRM systems that provide critical information for value selling, they are the key to developing long term customer relationships through providing great customer service, solving customer problems, anticipating customers’ needs, and they allow salespeople to engage with customers through their preferred channels  “phone, email, or social media”.

To get the most of these systems you need to automatically integrate your CRM and ERP data not just with just customer information, but also key details on invoices, orders, and more. You need total visibility into customer information in order to have real conversations with your customers. 


                                      Odoo’s  CRM deliver  Mission Critical Data including actionable insights  integrating systems and data sources into a single view. Odoo’s CRM  Module gives you full  access anywhere and anytime to:

                                      Real-time Customer Data

                                      Marketing Promotions


                                      Whether you choose to buy, finance, or subscribe you’ll always maintain full control of your data. Its time to collect and manage customers’ data from every interaction, leverage data for sales  opportunities & product and service development, and use Odoo CRM reports and analytics to optimize Sales and marketing Campaigns.

                                      Features Of Odoo14 CRM   

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                                      -Advanced User-Interface
                                      -Lessen data entry
                                      -Presentable & large screen view

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                                      -Leads to developing
                                      -Leads importing
                                      -Geo IP
                                      -Lead Scoring
                                      -Online Acquisition
                                      -Live Chat
                                      -Assignation Rules
                                      -URL Trackers

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                                      -Management of Activities and calls 
                                      -Managing Pipeline
                                      -Stages can be customized
                                      -Plan Next Actions
                                      -Log Calls
                                      -Meetings can be scheduled
                                      -Revised configuration options
                                       -360° Visibility
                                      -Lost reasons
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                                      Communication Efficiency

                                      -Templates for email
                                      -Email gateways
                                      -Custom alerts

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                                      -Cohort analysis
                                      -leads analysis
                                      -Opportunity analysis

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                                      -Powerful API
                                      -Google docs
                                      -All sales channels
                                      -Marketing apps


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                                      Planning often needs to attain the right results and serves to provide the company process with power.
                                      Users can control their sales activities from anywhere, at any time, if you are in Odoo. With Odoo, it is easier to view the data in real-time and to analyze it. There, one can conveniently prioritize and arrange tasks alone.

                                      Odoo's CRM Lead Management:

                                      Leads: a lead is a potential future customer, that can be achieved on the basis of the assumption that a consumer has called for a good. The leads can be collected through marketing modules either by the system or by blogs, newsletters, etc.

                                      The below image shows the Lead section page where you can view leads in the list view, which could also be converted to the Kanban view. Not to forget  The various filters to narrow down the leads according to the criteria you choose or want.

                                      Odoo • A picture with a caption
                                      To create a new lead:
                                      Just click the Create button.
                                      You will be directed to a new form "page" of creating the lead.

                                      Odoo • A picture with a caption

                                      Converting a lead to an opportunity

                                      Now we finished creating a new lead we also can convert it into a new opportunity by hitting the Convert to opportunity button.

                                      Odoo • A picture with a caption
                                      It is also easy to manage lost opportunities or gained "won" opportunities through the pipeline below. 
                                       Odoo • A picture with a caption

                                      Now to maneuver to a different stage we will do it easily by dragging and dropping to the coming stage.

                                      Here we are able to also rate the lead.

                                      We can estimate the revenue.

                                      The tag may be given.

                                      We can schedule an activity here.

                                      Management of Lost opportunities

                                      There is also a probability of losing the prospect, and for the right business flow, it must definitely be dugout.

                                      1- Marking the missed chance: pick an opportunity from your queue. There you'll see a missed mark icon.

                                      Odoo • A picture with a caption

                                      2-  Lost reason Management and implementation: you'll be able to verify the lost reasons from there. Choices also are available to select them, remove "delete" them, and make a replacement one.

                                      3- Lost opportunity Recovering: keeping up with it, one should check the missing possibilities and take an action like sending emails, making calls, etc.

                                      Quotations Sending

                                      The next prompted action taken after the opportunity has won: is to submit quotes to the client. this may be made relevant by Odoo 14.

                                      Create a brand new quote:

                                      Tap on CRM for the Sales menu and then My Quotation will come up to generate a new replacement quotation.

                                      A “new quotation” will be seen here by clicking on any opportunity/lead. it'd add up a new replacement menu to handle the user's quotation finally.

                                      Odoo • A picture with a caption
                                      Now here we will go to a new form: 
                                      Odoo • A picture with a caption
                                      After filling in all the required details we can send them by email to the concerned person, by click on on the Send by mail button. A quote can be submitted to the client in a Tap. You can find all their quotes under the Quotations Menu, based on a particular opportunity.

                                      Odoo 14 CRM for a Clever Business | Why Odoo 14 Customer Relationship Management System lead  ERP data odoo

                                      Odoo 14 CRM For A Clever Business
                                      Ismail Harake December 1, 2020
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