Odoo 14: Digital Product Selling

The Era of Digital Transformation
December 10, 2020 by
Odoo 14: Digital Product Selling
Ismail Harake

Odoo 14 Digital Product Selling

As we marvel at the scale of our human networks, we see that technology is the force that weaves us together, The Internet of Things, Big Data, Software-Defined Networking, and the promise of the Cloud Ecosystem. The era of digital transformation is upon us. As the digital revolution sweeps across industries, it transforms business models and reshapes value chains. Yet with this new age, we also face new challenges where our progress has reached a crossroads. Working with our customers to transcend market challenges, Odoo pushes the boundaries by empowering our customers to stay agile, scale quickly, and create greater business value for a better-connected world built for everyone.

With the time of digitalization, the products have had another classification added to them: digital products' items. These can either be programming software, coupons, applications, administrations, or a lot more which can be benefited for your gadgets, contraptions, or tasks of an organization or individual perspectives. From the earliest starting point of the most recent decade, the internet shopping pattern has to blast up and has been polished energetically all through the world these days. This has established in the selling of these advanced items "digital products" on the web. 

Also, the materialness of digital products and their deals can be found in our everyday life activities which include mobiles, communication gadgets, and smart households as well as operational equipment.

Odoo is one of the high-level ERPs which can be utilized to deal with the web-based business tasks of the organization. Furnished with cutting edge highlights to characterize, arrange, and deal with the tasks of the online business and the organization site. Odoo stage is a solid answer for all the business requirements.

Odoo 14: Digital Product Selling

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The Odoo platform allows the user to sell out the digital product as separate ones or define it alongside the most product. Selling the merchandise like a digital product is going to be rather much involved within the subscription products. Were as in need of further customization on most products, the user can sell these digital products alongside it.

Initially to make and define digital products is not the platform the user should enable the digital content option available within the product tab of the settings menu within the website module of the platform.

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The user can now define subsidiary digital products for the main product after enabling the "digital content" option. 
From the product menu of the website module, the user can define digital content by selecting the respective product & selecting the most icon available on the menu. On which the user can select the digital file option available.
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By giving a name and associating the type of the file's content, the user will create a digital file that can be defined as a file or URL at the point at which the content can be expensed. In case the type is chosen as a file the user can add the respective file from the system or the drive if available. In addition, the website in which the respective digital content should be described can be specified.

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After filling in the content click "save" and the user will be directed to the "Digital Attachments" window where the content being provided can be viewed. All the digital content is related to the product of describe. The user can define as many as customizable digital contents for a product which can be expensed by the customer.

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Let us make a simple presentation: From the e-commerce platform of the company let us create a  sale on the product which has been defined with digital content. All the products will be listed out once the order placed and sales confirmed on selecting the customer preview of the quotation.

If there is digital content associated with the product the user can view the download option available. On selecting the icon the content description appears which can be selected to download for the system.

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The user can use the content for his or her in-house purposes. If the merchandise or the content defined is subscription-based one the user can only avail of it for the allotted period.


The selling of digital products and contents in the Odoo platform will allow the users to cope up with the operational and business requirements in this era of Digital Transformation.

Write to us at sales@erpxcloud.com if you are interested in knowing and implementing Odoo at your business end. Our dedicated team of Odoo experts is ready to customize and implement the right solutions to endure maximum results at your business organization that can promise more leads, sales, and revenue.

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Odoo 14: Digital Product Selling
Ismail Harake December 10, 2020
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