Odoo 14 Discuss Module

Odoo 14 Discuss Module

Good communication is a necessary technique for bringing people together to operate as one cohesive team. Effective communication among team members contributes to the maintenance of strong relationships, which leads to increased productivity. Since the COVID-19 outbreak required everyone to work remotely, having space where staff can openly discuss and collaborate has been critical. As a business professional, you understand the value of productive communication among coworkers. With the emergence of instant communication apps in the office, it became easier to be more productive and collaborative. It makes it easier to communicate with our teammates or anyone else in the organization in real-time. Odoo's talk module helps you to stay connected and organizes discussion among team or company workers to the information that they require.

With Odoo 14 Discuss Module, we can share information, contents, files, projects and create a collaborative environment in our workplace. The Discuss module lets you send and receive messages easily as well as organizes discussion between team members by using channels within the app. Odoo 14 Discuss Module

Communication in Real-Time

Using this module will make it easier to communicate with your coworkers. You may message anyone in your organization, collaborate with them, and share material by fostering an environment in which your ideas are embraced and valued. When a person needs information or guidance, it is critical to receive prompt responses from teammates in order to solve the situation. In such instances, communication speed is critical. The talk module allows you to communicate with your team members promptly and without delay.  If you require assistance from a coworker, the conversation module allows you to communicate with them.
You can examine the user's online status, and if it displays that they are online, you can send direct messages to them.

Connect with Remote Workers Easily
In a situation where millions of employees are compelled to work from home owing to COVID-19, it is critical to unite the workers for the success of any firm. It is challenging to keep staff linked via email and phone calls. To keep people productive, they must have the correct tool to communicate and stay connected regardless of where they work. The talk module ensures that you have the ability to easily converse and exchange information. This module will assist you in keeping in touch with remote workers as well as all persons inside the work planning in order to have a smooth, efficient, and organized work environment. 

Organize Conversations

Some communications are intended solely for specific team members, while others must be seen by the entire team. As a result, it is critical to plan the discussions correctly. You can build channels for employees in the Odoo discuss module based on the need to coordinate talks among team members. This module includes both private and public channels. A public channel is used for general information, whereas a private channel is designed for a specialized audience. You may simply add and remove users from a private group, as well as initiate private chats with specific users. 

You can use channels to connect with multiple people based on location, project, and team. The direct messaging feature allows you to send and receive private messages that are only visible to the sender and receiver. 

High-performance Characteristics

On your feed, you can see all of the talks that are taking place in the module, which includes all sorts of contact among your company's personnel. A brief summary that shows on the stream will help you get a sense of the topic. This is the greatest module for improving and maintaining regular communication within a firm. The Odoo 14 Discuss Module archives all internal communication between members in the same way as texts and emails do, allowing you to conveniently recall the facts. You can keep the live chat active in a pop-up window without interfering with your work. You don't have to open the conversation every time you want to respondWhen someone sends you a message, you can receive a quick preview on your desktop notification. 

It allows you to ‘star' essential communications for future reference or action, and you can discover them in starred lists. Mentioning a user by entering @user-name to be notified when you are needed for a chat with that person will allow you to lessen the difficulties in finding their name in the contact list. 

Odoo 14 Discuss Module
Ismail Harake July 5, 2021
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