Odoo 14: Gained Business Benefits

December 16, 2020 by
Odoo 14: Gained Business Benefits
Ismail Harake

Every year, Odoo launches a new version of ERP software that includes new technology and support software to meet changing market requirements. In order to support business projects, the Odoo team develops existing applications and launches new applications. 

The Odoo team works all year round to research the companies' different business needs and concerns. To please customers, Odoo comes up with feature enhancements every year. Odoo has implemented a data cleaning app and several other user-friendly features in Odoo 14 to keep pace with the requirements. 

For business companies, Odoo v14 provides a more user-friendly interface. In an advanced way, it provides smooth operations. From purchase to delivery, the framework helps to expand total support to fulfill all requirements. Sales, accounting, marketing, development, and every other part of the organization are assisted by this easy-to-integrate program. With Odoo, not only the manufacturing but the service sector also get the requisite support.

Let us explore in this blog how an organization can profit from Odoo v14.

Data Cleaning.

A new feature introduced by Odoo v14 is data cleaning. This feature helps the client to clean up the clutter and boost the product's output level. This application helps prevent contact information and other records from being deduplicated and allows the user to merge the documents. With the assistance of the Data Cleaning Solution, you can discard unused records. A user can easily set a time for data cleaning with the Odoo 14 data cleaning app. At specified intervals, you can perform this.

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Routing in BoM

Routing and BoM were combined by Odoo v 14. This helps the organization as it prevents difficult routing use. Here a user can handle routing in the new version by selecting the work centers under the Work Order tab. At the BoM generation stage itself, this can be achieved.
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Smart date picker
This new Odoo 14 feature allows the user to efficiently add the project closing date and handle the project in a smarter way. While that can date back to years with a click, pick a closing date. Here let's take an example. Suppose I want to pick September 24, 2013, as the closing date. Here I can give -5y if September 24, 2020, is the date on which the selection is made. This tool also allows the consumer in the future to pick a date. 

In POS, Product  Configuration 
Point of sale is an essential feature of Odoo and by setting up a new user interface, Odoo 14 has improved the usability of this app. This function enables the company to customize the products in a simple way. Without difficulty, the user will be able to set the product category and parent category.
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Receipt via Email 
Odoo POS also has another new feature called Receipt via Email. How is it helping you? This function allows the company to send product bills via email to the customer. For a longer period of time for reference, a customer purchasing from a POS assisted by Odoo can store the bill in the email, specifically to make use of service and guarantee.
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Ask to obtain confirmation 
This feature is sure to enhance the reputation of the business. To get the advantage, use it for purchasing and quotation management. In order to prevent the return of the product, the customer should request clarification before delivery of the product.
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Website Builder
The Website Builder for Odoo 14 is an advanced edition. With Odoo 14, you don't have to think about planning your web page. Complete all procedures within a brief period of time. For your business growth, a well-designed website can be fundamental. Odoo will highlight your company with a collection of building blocks to enhance the role of the website.
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                      Let us take a look at the main blocks of design :
                      -Auto Pop Snippet has it 
                      -Charts As Features 
                      -Snippet count downs to reveal timed offers 
                      -Provides opportunities for the implementation and prioritization of firm characteristics 
                      -Promote the use of Context Video 
                      -Titles and Subtitle with Snippet Feature 
                      -Helps to monitor the Website timeline
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                      Sale Forecast 
                      A new feature of Odoo 14 is the sales forecast. IT allows sales and quotes to be predicted. As sales are part of any business, manufacturing operations, sales, and buying operations will be supported.
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                      Subcontracting in Manufacturing
                      Odoo v14 has an impressive "Subcontracting" function named. This is a major aspect of the Material Bill. This feature is available in Odoo's Manufacturing module. It is very common for us to outsource work to some smaller industries or other professional groups in a company. Subcontracting simplifies all. Suppose you're running an industry that produces trucks. Here all the parts needed for a truck may not be manufactured. Instead, you can outsource the engine manufacturing work to an outside business group that has expertise in this. With the aid of Odoo v14, such an operation can be easily handled.
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                      Forecasted Inventory
                      This feature allows the organization to predict inventory and helps to predict expected production or demand. It encourages the user to plan the organization and all production-related operations in an appropriate manner. With the aid of this function, maintaining adequate stock, sourcing of raw materials, and other activities can be done. The forecast feature allows forecast reports to be produced as well. To monitor and organize your business, achieve a graphical or grid view of all goods based on quantity and date/time with Odoo support.
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                      Graph view

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                      Skill Management Module
                      In Odoo 13, the skill-management module was first launched. In Odoo v 14, this feature was also retained because it allows an organization to determine an individual’s productivity. This allows the organization to consider how employees' talents will support the company and how to explore their skills. 
                      The company should understand an employee's expertise level and skill level. This will also help to bring training to the company.
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                      To sum it up, Odoo 14 emphasizes features that Mid-market companies need on daily basis. These new features aim to have an impact on how to configure advanced corporate needs and tackle the multi-level workflow system, configurable advanced reporting, and data cleaning processes. 

                      With Odoo "All in one software", you can easily create your professional website, manage your relationship with customers, design and launch your own marketing strategies, and manage online payments through e-commerce. You also have Odoo apps to manage your warehouse, accounts, and invoicing behind the scenes. 

                      Write to us at sales@erpxcloud.com if you are interested in knowing and implementing Odoo at your business end. Our dedicated team of Odoo experts is ready to customize and implement the right solutions to endure maximum results at your business organization that can promise more leads, sales, and revenue.

                      Odoo 14: Gained Business Benefits
                      Ismail Harake December 16, 2020
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