Odoo 14 Maintenance Management

Odoo Maintenance Management

Odoo Maintenance Management

A major industry that requires the running of a large number of machines is the manufacturing industry. Maintenance of all equipment in the industry plays a vital role. Maintenance maintains the machines' proper health and increases their life cycle. You should ensure continuous work at your work centers rather than spend time on unwanted mechanical glitches and computer malfunction.

The Odoo Maintenance Management module in Odoo 14 is the best choice for addressing all maintenance issues.
The Odoo Maintenance Management Module in Odoo 14 includes a dashboard that provides you with the information you need to do about internal maintenance operations. It provides a maintenance calendar that is easy to handle and Kanban views of the tasks. It provides drag and drops facilities for you. The timely maintenance work is sure to provide you with the best resources for the tools to run effectively. It also helps the various wings to speed up the processing of requests for maintenance.

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This blog will take a look at Odoo Maintenance management core features in Odoo 14 version. 
Odoo will assist you in two productive ways to handle all machines. 
1. Preventive maintenance
2. Corrective maintenance

Odoo Maintenance Management: What is preventive maintenance?

It is the process of routine maintenance work being done. It is done even though no problems are registered by the system. An investor can ensure that his tools work efficiently over a longer period of time by preventive maintenance. With the aid of the calendar, this can be done. The maintenance wing can handle a maintenance calendar in order to conduct system checks at regular intervals. 

The second maintenance prevention mode is focused on consumption. The devices can be tested to increase performance based on use. This increases the protection of the machines and helps to minimize risk or damage.

Odoo Maintenance Management: Corrective maintenance

To fix the errors, corrective maintenance is carried out. In this step, it will discuss the failure of the machine or the malfunctioning of the machine. With Odoo 14, a simple task can be done with corrective maintenance. 

The Odoo Maintenance Management platform would benefit all industries greatly. Small-scale and big-scale producers would profit equally. 

The Maintenance Management module would need to be mounted on the machine to perform maintenance management.

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Under this, it's easy to create equipment 
Select Equipment-> Create in order to create equipment.
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You will get a new window after pressing the Create button, as shown below.
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You may choose a category of equipment and configure the name of the category. 
By going to Maintenance-> Configuration-> Equipment category, you can create a category name.
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Using the Create Button, Now you can create an equipment category.
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You will also be able to specify the name of the category. Besides, you may authorize the job to a responsible individual.

Creating a Maintenance Team

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Odoo V14 assists you in handling the Maintenance Management team. This helps you to participate in the production and analysis of the work and delegate the work to a team. With  Odoo support it will be easier to run an effective maintenance team. Check out how to create a maintenance management team 
Select Maintenance-> Configuration-> Maintenance Teams-> Creating 
Odoo helps to handle multiple maintenance levels. 
By pressing the maintenance button, the maintenance stages can be seen. The request tab helps in taking a look at the progress and stages of the maintenance request. 
To take a look, press Maintenance-> Request-> 
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Create Maintenance Request

By selecting Maintenance-> Maintenance Request-> Create, the user can easily create the maintenance request alongside.
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By selecting a calendar option as well, you can create a maintenance request based on the date.
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You will be able to create requests by clicking on the Maintenance calendar. 
You must go to the Maintenance-> Maintenance Calendar for that. 

Corrective Maintenance Request
A client or user can get a straightforward understanding of the progress of the request. The request would immediately come under the In Progress tab if the request is in progress. If the machine is scrapped, it is put under the Scrap tab. If the repair is done, it is marked as finished.

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Preventive Maintenance Request

Once you have entered and saved a preventive maintenance request, the next preventive date in the system will be modified. By creating a new maintenance request, you can type the preventive request.

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Odoo Maintenance Management in Odoo 14: Conclusion

The ability to produce reports after analyzing the process is a core feature in all Odoo software applications. In manufacturing, service, point of sale, and other Odoo ERPs, the report generation feature is useful. In the Odoo Maintenance Management module, Odoo produces the maintenance team's performance reports. The graphic representation of the progress of the work lets the analysis team assess the maintenance wing's work. It helps to provide the required direction and enhance the pattern of work. 

For a given time, the review would help to get a good picture of the ongoing maintenance work, the total number of works repaired, the equipment moved to the scrap category. With the assistance of the application, fresh requests created can also be tracked. 

Select Odoo and get rid of all the problems associated with your maintenance. We support all of your issues and assist you with integrating the Odoo maintenance module with other modules to ensure a robust & powerful management system for you.

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Odoo 14 Maintenance Management
Ismail Harake January 6, 2021
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