Odoo 14 Marketing Campaign Tools & Features

A company's benefit and success are closely related to the manner in which investors engage in marketing campaigns. By executing large-scale marketing strategies, the majority of current business organizations, which make commendable revenue, earn their earnings. For multiple reasons, a company uses a campaign or strategy to make customers aware of the brand to make them know about the product and to introduce them to the qualities of the goods they are selling, and to persuade them to select their product over the other products on the market. 

In today's times, operating a company without marketing campaigns is a challenging task in the face of competition from several separate business ventures. A producer attempts to advertise for its goods, while a point of sale corporation attempts to promote its retail industry. Although the approach of the product and campaign can be distinct, marketing assistance is required for any form of company.

Odoo Marketing Tools

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Odoo marketing tools are more useful for point of sale market, e-commerce business, drop shipping, and door distribution business campaigns and associated activities. Both these categories of organizations normally carry out campaign work in a fashion that suits their campaigns and markets their goods and deals. 

The launch of discounts, coupons, and exclusive promotional packages are part of these forms of business ventures' campaign operations. 

Odoo has 3 main tools & features for a marketing campaign & strategy:

1. Email Marketing

2. SMS Marketing

3. Social Marketing

Odoo 14 Marketing Campaign Tools: Email Marketing

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With the assistance of email exchanges, email marketing aims to tackle campaign operations. It is possible to measure the success of the initiative and to view the status of the email campaign services with the aid of this tool. 

Mailing Management Support 

Using this function, a user can pick a mailing template and then add a subject to it. To get a view of the mail content, the user can also make use of the preview facility. A consumer can create & generate new mailings for the mailings and handle the already sent emails. With this feature, selecting recipients and mailing lists will become easy.

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Mailing List Management 

What is a list of mailings? It is a list of individuals who are expected to be involved in receiving a certain form of marketing mail. A consumer may be interested in baby products, for instance, and another may be interested in beauty products only. These entities may be grouped on multiple mailing lists. 

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Contact Management 

In order to maintain mailing lists, contact management is essential. Odoo Email Marketing will assist the organization in developing and retaining relations with customers. It helps to add the client's name, email ID, mobile number, name of the firm, country, and other information.

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Odoo 14 Marketing Campaign Tools: SMS Marketing

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It is a marketing technique that is useful for targeting all sorts of clients. It is possible to make even those who use basic cell phones as part of this campaign tool. Here are the tool's main features:

SMS marketing Status   

Check the status of Odoo ERP SMS campaigns. The SMS marketing dashboard provides the user with an idea of the campaigns in the draft, in a queue, sent or submitted, delivered, etc.

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Management of Contact List 

Just like in email marketing, SMS marketing also requires contacts and contact lists to be handled by the customer. Contact lists help generate various contact lists for people interested in receiving the same form of communications, while contact lists help create or edit contacts.

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SMS Marketing Analysis

Get a visual report of Odoo's SMS ads. In order to assess the effect of the campaign, various methods like bounced, clicked, delivered, opened, and sent can be used.

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Odoo 14 Marketing Campaign Tools: Social Marketing

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We can now try out the Odoo social marketing app. , With the assistance of tweets, posts, comments, and streaming video, this platform allows us to incorporate social media strategies. 


Social networking assistance for feeds allows the user to add a stream or new update post to social media. It also helps the user, after inserting it to synchronize the content. By choosing the form of social media, the user will connect a stream to any social network.

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Management Of Social Media Posts  
This allows the user to view the status of posts on social media. In addition, improves the handling of push notifications. With the support of this feature, the number of clicks, leads, quotes, and revenue generated following the post can be accessed.
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Creating Campaigns 
Manage and create campaigns with this Application in a few moves. It is easy to handle the creation of new campaigns, plans, construction, etc. here. Using the Odoo tool, the number of messages, mailings, SMSs, and alerts can be controlled.
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Visitor Management 
This functionality allows users to get visitors' information. Through it, you can monitor the number of pages viewed and the leads and opportunities provided by them. Wishlist tracking and registration processing can also be achieved through social marketing.
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Conclusion: Odoo 14 Marketing Campaign Tools

For the successful promotion of a product or a company, all these Odoo Marketing campaign tools may be used separately or together. 
You should also visit our Odoo 14: The Marketing Automation blog to learn more about Odoo Marketing. For more information and better assistance write to us at sale@erpxcloud.com and we are ready to help.

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Odoo 14 Marketing Campaign Tools & Features
Ismail Harake December 18, 2020
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