Odoo 14 Timeoff Moudule

Odoo 14 Timeoff Module

In every organization, one of the most crucial jobs is leave management. Unless you correctly handle your employees' or staff's leave, the working conditions of your employees and your firm will always be a disaster. You have a solution for handling your employees' leave in Odoo 14 Timeoff Module.  For leave management, the platform has a distinct TimeOff module. This module will be of great assistance to the HR department in carrying out their employee leave management in the most effective manner possible. 

Each employee in your firm can use the Odoo Time Off module to seek leave, which is then granted by the manager or the appropriate authority. The manager can also create leaves for staff in response to their requests. This software allows you to manage both holidays and absences for your employees. There's little doubt that the straightforward and user-friendly module will have a positive impact on your company. 

Dashboard for the Home

The Odoo 14 Timeoff module's Home dashboard is meant to make managing time off requests simple. From the dashboard, employees may manage their personal leave requests and many more features. Below is a screenshot of the Home dashboard display. And "Yes" is does look like a "Calendar".


Calendar, List, and Activity views are all available on the Home dashboard window. The Calendar view of the home dashboard is depicted in the image above. You can also display the previous and future months in the window, in addition to the current month. On addition, you may view the Day, Week, Month, and Year with a single click in the window.

Furthermore, by selecting the NEW TIME OFF and NEW ALLOCATION options in the window, new time off and new allocation can be made directly from the dashboard. You can also create a time off request by directly selecting the required date.

When you select the required date in the calendar, a pop-up window will appear, allowing you to give the necessary information. These time-off requests might be listed in a different color scheme depending on the Time Off Type. In the right top corner of the window, you have the ability to save a search as a favorite. 

Click on "Everyone" to see all your employees/coworker's day off.

The next image allows you to create the requested time off. Go to "My Time Off" => "My Time Off Requests".


Easily manage employee requests

You can allow your employees to submit requests in a well-structured time Off requests form using the Odoo Time Off module. The employee can fill out this form with the Time Off type, Date, Duration, and Description.


Odoo 14 Timeoff Moudule
Ismail Harake July 13, 2021
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