Odoo 15 Approval Module

Odoo 15 Approval Module

Before beginning work in every company, regardless of size, it must first receive consent from the authority. From payments to budgeting, every activity in the business requires approval and goes through a number of processes before being approved. The approval procedure helps to standardize your organization and organize your firm. This saves a lot of time and ensures that the business runs smoothly. Previously, companies kept handwritten permission documents. The responsible individual manually logged each approval, and staff contacted him or her for approvals on a regular basis. This approach of manually recording is time consuming and tiresome. This causes project delays and has an impact on the company's overall operations. Companies have turned to automated approval processes as a result of all of these factors. Companies employ software that allows consumers to simplify and speed up the approval process. This software ensures that you save time and get the most out of your time.
Odoo ERP software is the most effective instrument for enhancing your company's efficiency and productivity. The software's components are suited to the company's benefits and smooth operation. The Approvals module in Odoo 15 focuses on seeking and providing permissions for staff requirements provided for company needs. The module ensures consistency and standards in the exchange of information with employees and permissions managers. 

The Odoo 15 Approval module

The Approvals module is available through Odoo Applications. The dashboard will show you the different sorts of approvals that are available in the system, as well as the amount of requests that must be assessed by the authority. You can use the module to build new approval kinds based on the requirements. Each permission serves a particular purpose, which must be considered while obtaining approval. And different agencies must approve each approval. As a result, permission kinds must be included in the system. Taking all of this into account, Odoo 15 Approvals offers different categories of approvals that are used for specific types of work. 
Click the Configuration tab and select the Approval Types option to create a new approval type. Along with the firm name, the names of existing approval types will be presented. You can pick various approval kinds and make modifications to them. The CREATE button can be used to add new approval kinds to the database. When creating a new approval type, details such as the name of the approval type, the name of the company, the description of the approval type, and the options that must be included in the type must be input. This will aid the approver in reviewing and validating the request. Along with the current types, the newly formed approval type will be presented in the dashboard. 
It's simple for employees to obtain approval with Odoo Approvals. From the Approval Type, the employee can select the NEW REQUEST button. The employee will be required to submit information such as the Approval Subject, Request Owner's name, Approval Category, Date, From and To Period, Location, Contact, Amount if applicable, and Reference. The products that require approval, as well as the quantity, unit of measurement, and description, must be listed in the designated area. The request's description should be included so that the manager in charge of the authorization has a clear grasp of the request. The name and contact information for the responsible approver must be entered in the Approver area of the form. The ATTACH DOCUMENT button must be used to attach documents required for approval to the submission form. Your request for approval will be submitted by clicking the SUBMIT button. The request's phases can be seen in the upper right corner of the screen.
Employees can monitor the progress of requests by going to the My Requests tab and clicking on the My Requests option. The Kanban view shows Approvals To Submit, Submitted, Approved, and Refused approvals. By selecting the Manager tab, managers may quickly review the requests. The approvals that need to be examined will be displayed if you select Approvals to Review. This comprises information like the Approval Subject, the Request Owner's name, the Approval Type, the Next Activity, and the Request Status. You can see all the approvals in Odoo by going to the Manager tab and choosing the All Approvals button. 
In the Odoo 15 Approvals module, the items and product variants that can be asked for approvals can be recorded in the database along with their details. By selecting the Products option, you may view the names of the products, their costs, and the quantity you have on hand. By clicking on a certain product, you may see a detailed description of it. The company's product versions can be viewed by selecting the Product Variant button from the Product tab. From here, you can see the Internal Reference, Product Name, Sales Price, Attribute Values, and other data of the product variant. Filters can be used to find things that can be sold, bought, rented, or subcontracted. 
Data on requests and approvals must be retained in a secure location for future use. All data related to requests, approvals, and refusals is saved in the Odoo 15 Approval module for future use. With the Approvals module, the company can ensure consistency and openness. The decision-making process will be unbiased as a result, and approvals will be based on the papers and the request's necessity. With the help of this module, employees can simply submit requests with a few clicks, and approvers can review the requests based on the papers and details attached.  Employees may track the progress of their requests, making the process more transparent.

The Odoo 15 Approvals module is an excellent business tool that, without a doubt, saves time and improves efficiency in the office.

Odoo 15 Approval Module
Ismail Harake October 12, 2021
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