Odoo 15 Attendance Module

Odoo 15 Attendance Module

Keeping track of attendance can be a difficult undertaking. Keeping track of staff attendance is essential for improving a company's employee management efficiency. For effective personnel management, any firm, regardless of size, must maintain track of attendance.
Odoo offers a specific attendance management module called Attendance that is equipped with comprehensive features and essential tools for efficient Attendance management.

Odoo 15 Attendance Module

The Dashboard for the Attendance module is shown above. The Odoo attendance module makes checking in and out of work a breeze. The Checkin/Checkout key is located on the dashboard, and you may use it to check in or out promptly. Because the employees' login information is stored in the Odoo database, Odoo will quickly recognize them and direct them to their appropriate Check-In page or window, as illustrated in the image above. The dashboard's Check-in/Check-out section offers real-time tracking and will show you how much time you've worked and how much time you've taken off.

Employees may check-in quickly and easily using the kiosk mode. From the attendance module's dashboard, select the Kiosk Mode tab to bring up a screen with the check-in choices shown above. Employees have the option of using one of two check-in procedures. Employees can scan their badges or identity cards to check in.

Employees may scan and check-in instantly using the scanning feature. Biometric scanning devices can be supported by Odoo. These devices can be linked to Odoo in order to connect to the database directly. Biometric gadgets are more convenient and sophisticated than traditional technologies. You may also connect a barcode scanner to Odoo so that employees can check in fast using the scanner.

When you click on the profile, you'll be checked in right away. Odoo will allow instant check-in if the profile is not password or pin restricted. Employee profiles will be more secure once check-in is enabled. Go to the configuration tab from the Attendance module's dashboard to put up pins on the employee's e attendances module.

From the configuration page, select the Employee Pin Checkbox to enable the feature. The functionality will be turned on right away. To configure the pin for individual employees, go to the employee module and then to the Employee profile from the dashboard, as shown below.

To edit the Employee profile, click the EDIT button. Enter the employee pin in the PIN Code field under the HR Settings tab, as seen in the figure above. Enter the Badge ID in the same way you would the PIN. After you've finished configuring the profile, click the SAVE button to save your changes. Return to the Attendance module after completing the setup and select IDENTIFY MANUALLY from the Kiosk section. The employee and the module will ask for the PIN as seen below after selecting the employee's page.

To check-in, enter your PIN here and click the OK button.

This section allows you to see all of the information about employee attendance. To add a new entry to the Attendance page, click the CREATE button on the page. To edit any item in the list, simply click on it. List (default) and Kanban are the two main views available on the Attendance page. You have the option of selecting those that provide the most convenience. As seen below, the viewing choices may be found in the right-hand corner of the Attendance page.

The Attendance page's Kanban view is displayed below.

As illustrated below, the page provides filtering and grouping options that you can use to quickly retrieve staff attendances.

My Attendances, Check-in, and No Checkout are the filtering options, and you may add a custom filter by selecting the Add Custom Filter button. To filter out the essential Employee attendances, use the filtering options. The Attendances can be grouped using the grouping choices, which are comparable to the Filtering options.

Attendance Analysis

Odoo 15 Attendance Module

The Attendance module's reporting tab contains the Attendance analysis. Employee attendance management becomes more efficient when attendance analysis is performed. The Attendance module's Attendance Analysis page is essentially a graphical representation based on real-time data on employee attendances. The attendance analysis page is depicted in the figure above.  Employees are represented by different colors in the above-mentioned diagram. The employee and their assigned colors will be emphasized in the image below, which is taken from the upper deck of the page.

The Date and Hours worked are represented on the X and Y axes, respectively. To modify the measures by which you want to view the chart, click the MEASURES button. Extra Hours, Hours Worked, and Count are the three measures listed below.

Note that Hours Worked will be the default viewing metric. The graph above depicts the data on hours worked. To examine the graph on the employee extra hours, click on Extra hours as shown below.

Similarly, the data can be viewed using the count indicated below.

These metrics can help you gain a better view of the Attendance statistics.

There are several chart viewing options, similar to the measurements. Bar Chart (Default), Line Chart, and Pie Chart are among the charts available. There are more options for arranging data on the Bar Chart than there are for the Pie Chart. As indicated below, the options are Stacked, Ascending, and Descending.

To arrange the data in the chart, select one of the choices. The data will be stacked, and the graph will be arranged according to the Ascending and Descending settings. The Line graph, like the Bar chart, allows you to arrange the graph in ascending or descending order. You can also use the Pie chart to examine the data, as seen below.

You can't possibly acquire all of the comprehensive analytical data with Charts. Change the view from Graph to Pivot using the Pivot key, as illustrated in the figure below, to get detailed and clean data on the Attendance Analysis.

As illustrated below, this will offer you the Pivot view of the Attendance analysis.

This will provide you a more complete picture of the Attendance Analysis, and you'll be able to quickly filter out the data you want to see. To insert the data into your Spreadsheet, click the INSERT IN SPREADSHEET button. You may modify the Measures for the MEASURES button in the same way that you do for the graph. With the Pivot view, you'll be able to collect data on employee attendance more quickly and efficiently, and manage your personnel accordingly. Managers and executives may easily keep track of their workforce strength each day with Odoo's Attendance Module, which shares and stores all real-time and live data on employee operations.

Odoo 15 Attendance Module
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