Odoo 15 Community New Features

Odoo 15 Community New Features

Odoo has been in the company management industry for more than five years, and they release a new version every year thanks to the platform's specialists as well as the pens that work behind the scenes to provide the best business management solutions. This has been the case since the release of Odoo's foundation platform in 2014. We now know that Odoo version 8 provides an effective business management operation that would be beneficial to businesses. After the 6+ version of the Odoo platform was published every year for the previous few of years, the Odoo ERP is striving for excellence in operations by bringing in additional features and capabilities that will aid in the effective business management of operations.
Odoo software is one of the most well-functioning, modularly structured ERP software systems used by businesses of all sizes. The Odoo software includes crucial capabilities that allow you to automate all of your core company processes. Odoo is available in two versions: the Odoo Community is open-source, which means it is available for free and has no license price, but it has limited capability. Odoo Enterprise, on the other hand, is Odoo Community plus additional functional apps that are purchased and have sophisticated capabilities that assist large businesses. 
Every year at the Odoo Experience meet, which takes place in October or late September, a new version of Odoo is released. Because of the present pandemic scenario, the Odoo Experience 2021 will be held virtually on October 6th and 7th. To participate in the event, you must enroll and register your names. There will be presentations by notable Odoo developers, teams, and partners, as well as client success stories. Additionally, the new Odoo 15 version, which is the most powerful version of the platform, will be presented. 
The new Odoo version 15 is jam-packed with innovative business operations management features and tools that will pave the road for increased operational effectiveness, resulting in increased company management efficiency and giving you complete control over your operations. We'll look at the new features in Odoo 15, which will make the upgrade from Odoo 14 a worthwhile and necessary one. Due to the fact that Odoo is available in two versions, it may be employed by businesses depending on the qualities and operational capabilities of each according to their needs. 
The new features of the Odoo Community and Enterprise editions will be discussed in detail, giving you a thorough understanding of the operational components that will help you manage your business. Odoo bills itself as an all-in-one business management solution that gets updated every year. Furthermore, with a comprehensive list of new features available in the latest edition of Odoo 15, the platform's operational capabilities will undoubtedly be enhanced, giving it a competitive advantage over its competitors. 

Odoo 15 Community Features

The following are the features included in the Odoo 15 Community edition:
You can invite users to join a meeting by sending out invitations in the Discuss module based on the conditions to start a meeting. Users that have access to the link can join it right away by selecting the link that was sent to them. The Odoo discuss module has been enhanced with the ability to start a meeting and invite users to join the group chat, which is a much-needed functionality in these era of the epidemic, when the organization's entire working has taken a virtual turn.
CRM Module 
You can assign a salesperson to various sales teams in the CRM module of the new Odoo 15 platform, which will be effective in the real-time operations of business management with Odoo. Furthermore, unless a specific one is provided to each of the sales teams, all leads received might be assigned to a certain sales team based on the periodical guidelines that have been described.

Multiple Sales Teams – Assign salespeople to different Sales Teams.

Rule-Based Assignment - Assign leads based on rules on a regular basis. Unless otherwise selected, this configuration will be used by default by all sales teams.

 With Odoo 15, you may now add products to Favorites directly from the product menu, allowing for further filtration. This will be a successful method, and the tools will aid in the dedicated management of product operations. 
All products added to the Favorite can be filtered, as shown in the screenshot below; this will help sort out the proper product from the lengthy list that has been detailed. 
In Attributes, Odoo 15 introduces a new display type called Pill, which provides a new style representation of the possibilities of the attribute being discussed. Furthermore, it will assist with the platform's aesthetic, which will be beneficial to users. Additionally, in Product attributes, there is a new eCommerce Filter Visibility setting tool that aids in the seeing of attributes on the website. 
In the new Odoo 15, an updated and new form of the Unit of measure menu and its view is provided, where the visual representation of the Unit of measure for all the Units that have been specified is shown in a dedicated look, as shown in the screenshot below. 
Not only is the Unit of Measure menu described, but also the Creation and Edit of a particular Unit of Measure configuration menu, which enables operational ease and effective configuration, as shown in the screenshot below. 
We will have multiple Product kinds in Odoo 15 for defining and categorizing items on a base level by types such as Consumable, Storable, Service, Gift card, Event ticket, and Event booth. These will come in handy while creating or characterizing the operation's products in the Odoo platform, as well as sorting out other details. 
Odoo 15 community includes a new and dedicated import screen view that provides a more informative picture of the import activities than prior versions of Odoo. This will be quite beneficial in terms of the data importing components of commercial operations. 
The new and improved Inventory Adjustment view in Odoo 15 allows you to track prior product amounts, establish new counted quantities, and apply or reset quantity from the menu's tree view. Furthermore, the features of inventory adjustment are a much-needed one in terms of real-time product operation and inventory management, and you can execute operations more efficiently with the new updated Inventory Adjustment menu. 
With the new Odoo 15, you'll be able to create a new Removal approach, the Closest location, as well as product category attributes. This will ensure that the product removal of the products indicated in the corresponding product category will be carried out at the most convenient location. 
In Odoo 15 community, a new Storage Categories configuration parameter will be available, which can be used to categorize locations for smarter product putaway rules as well as product categories. 
Odoo 15 introduces the Reservation Method, which is used to reserve products that are utilized in specific operation types. This ensures that the products are stored for the company's specific operations at the appropriate periods.
The product information will be displayed as shown in the following screenshot, with a description of the Optional product and the option to select the appropriate Optional product for your operation.

Point of Sale

a) The new Odoo 15 introduces a number of enhancements to the Point of Sale module, which will benefit the company's retail operations.

b) Open Product Info - When a product with optional products is added to the customer cart, you'll see a 'Product Info' option, as seen in the screenshot. 
The Odoo 15 Point of Sale module has added a new option of Enter code in the dial pad of the POS operating session, as shown in the screenshot below, where you may enter the Promotion and coupon code. 
Ship Later is a new feature in Odoo 15 that allows you to sell things in the moment and deliver them later. 
Gift card - You can manage gift card operations more efficiently with the new configurational options available in the Point of Sale settings menu. 
In Odoo 15, you can use Project Updates to indicate the state of a project in the Project module, such as On Track, On Risk, On Hold, or at Risk. This will give you the most up-to-date information about the project's current condition. 
Modules for the website and e-commerce
In terms of website and eCommerce administration operations, Odoo 15 has introduced additional advanced functionalities.
a. The Inventory Modes configuration option in the Odoo 15 community Website and E-commerce module has been changed. 
On the website product detail page, there are share buttons in the appropriate product description menu for sharing product information through various Social Media platforms. Customers will be more likely to share product information with their friends as a result of this. 
In the employee module setup of Odoo 15, a new feature called Departure Reason has been added. This will define the cause for the employee's departure from the company, allowing them to be classified depending on their reasons for leaving. 
As shown in the screenshot above, Odoo 15 Time-Off offers a visual representation for time-off types. This will be a lot more informative tool for describing the state of an employee's operations and why they are not on duty for the time period that they have requested. 
Odoo 15 Community New Features
Ismail Harake October 11, 2021
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