Odoo 15 Community vs Enterprise

Differences Between Odoo 15 Community and Enterprise
January 13, 2022 by
Odoo, Moe Fawaz
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Odoo 15 Community vs Enterprise

Odoo is one of the top ERP software systems for managing all aspects of your business, including sales, CRM, website & eCommerce, accounting, MRP, purchase, inventory, HRM, and so on.

Odoo is an OpenSource ERP with 32000+ ready-made modules developed by the Odoo community and integrators, of which 16,000+ are available for free and 16000+ are available for a fee. Odoo can be used for a variety of industries, including Sales Management, Customer Relationship Management, Trading, Purchase and Inventory Management, HRM, and many others, and has 550+ ready-made themes for eCommerce and business.

These figures are growing by the day, thanks to the latest version of Odoo, Odoo 15, which is faster than previous versions of Odoo. Odoo 14 is an example of this.

In this blog, we'll discuss "Odoo Enterprise vs Community in Version 15 Comparison."

Before I begin, I'll explain what ERP is and how it evolved from TinyERP to OpenERP to Odoo.

Let's get started with ERP.

ERP: stands for enterprise resource planning system, and it is the glue that holds a huge company's various computer systems together. Without an ERP solution, each department's system would be tailored to its own needs. Each department still has its own system, but with ERP software, all of the systems can be accessed through a single application with a single interface.

ERP is a software system that aids in the management of your complete organization, including financial, human resource, manufacturing, CRM, accounting, sales, supply chain, services, procurement, and other functions.

TinyERP: Odoo's founder and current CEO, Fabien Pinckaers, began developing his first software product, TinyERP, in 2005.

OpenERP: The name was changed to OpenERP three years later. The company swiftly expanded, and by 2010, OpenERP had grown to over 100 employees. The company was named the fastest-growing company in Belgium by Deloitte in 2013, with a five-year growth rate of 1549 percent.

Odoo 15 comes in two Versions: Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise.

Odoo Community Version: Odoo Community Version is a fully open-source version distributed under the LGPLV3 license that does not require a license. It has limited features, but it can help you manage your business goals. The lack of infinite functional support, version upgrading, and hosting assistance are only a few of the disadvantages of the Odoo community compared to the Odoo enterprise. In addition, there is no support for the mobile version or the studio. Odoo Community does not allow for full usage of the Sales, HRMS, website, eCommerce, and other modules.

Odoo Enterprise Version: Odoo Enterprise Edition is a licensed version of Odoo that includes additional features and functionality. You never have to pay for software that you don't use, even if there are licensing fees. This feature lowers your overall expenditures by ensuring that you only use the programs that your company requires.

Let's look at the main differences between the Community and Enterprise editions of Odoo 15.

General Features :

There are some general features that are applicable to Odoo 15 Enterprise version, but not to Odoo 15 Community version, such as Unlimited Functional Support, Upgrade to the latest version with database, Better Hosting Facility, and Unlimited bug repairing.


Odoo 15 Community is only available on the desktop, whereas Odoo 15 Enterprise is available on both the desktop and mobile platforms, thanks to its mobile-friendly UI.

Odoo Studio 

Users can easily customize views using the Odoo Studio module with just a few clicks. Users can quickly Edit Menus, Design Reports, Customize Screens, and Create Modules with the Odoo 15 Enterprise Studio Module. This feature is only available in the Enterprise edition of Odoo 15, not the Community edition.

Sales Management      

Odoo 15 contains a sales-related module and a customer portal in both Community and Enterprise editions. Enterprise users, on the other hand, get access to extra services such as Digital Products, Help Desk, Subscription, VoIP Integration, and so on.

Inventory Management 

Inventory Management features are available to Odoo 15 Community users, but Odoo 15 Enterprise users have access to extra features such as support for barcode scanners and shipping connectors such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, and others that are not available to Odoo 15 Community users.

Features of Accounting Management

Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Executive Summary, Aged Payables and Receivables, Tax Report, and many other dynamic reports are available in Odoo 15 Enterprise. Other functions include Sales Receipt, Purchase Receipt, Digital Bill, and so on. The Odoo 15 Community edition does not include these functionalities.

Management of the Manufacturing Process

Both the Community and Enterprise versions of Odoo 15 have MRP capabilities such as Work Centers and Bills of Materials, but Enterprise customers gain additional features such as Quality, PLM, Maintenance, and IoT.

Project Management 

Project Management in Odoo 15 Enterprise offers several additional tools, such as Employee planning for resource allocation, that will help you allocate resources across projects and activities and precisely estimate deadlines, however these features are not accessible in Odoo 15 Community.

Human Resource Management

Website Builder and eCommerce

Marketing Management

Some Miscellaneous Features

Point of Sale (POS) 

Point-of-Sale Coupons and Promotional Programs (POS)
In Odoo, 15 new capabilities relating to the Coupon and Promotion program were released, allowing users to apply coupons and promotions when placing orders at the POS.

It was previously only available in the Sales and eCommerce modules, but it is now also available in the POS module. This means that in a business, you may create a coupon or promotion that can be used in any module, including Sales, eCommerce, and POS.

Conclusion: Odoo 15 Community vs Enterprise

To sum it up, Odoo is an open-source ERP system that is widely used for a broad range of business processes. Odoo offers two versions as an open-source software solution to assist businesses of all sizes: The Odoo Enterprise and The Odoo Community

ERP Cloud LLC, an Odoo Certified Partner, offers a variety of Odoo ERP services, including Odoo Implementation, Odoo Customization, and Odoo Integration, based on individual business requirements.

If you're interested in learning more about Odoo and implementing it in your business, please contact us at sales@erpxcloud.com. Our specialized team of Odoo professionals is ready to create and implement the best solutions for your businesses to achieve maximum outcomes in terms of leads, sales, and money.  

Odoo, Moe Fawaz January 13, 2022
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