Odoo 15 CRM Module

Odoo 15 CRM Module

A customer relationship management system (CRM) enables businesses to manage customer connections, as well as the data and information associated with them. In this article, I'll show you how to sort out company hazards in a few simple stages. The prior corporate management systems relied on manual labor that could be done by each individual and interpreted collaboratively. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) was created to make the business work more smoothly.

Odoo 15 CRM Module Dashboard

Here, I will go over the Odoo 15 CRM Module, which aids in the management of businesses and the sorting and validation of data in a methodical manner. It will keep track of our activities and actions in order to ensure that business operations run smoothly. Here are some easy ways to get started with Odoo CRM. 

Odoo 15 CRM Module Pipeline

We can see the chance of success for the business based on the stages using the fundamentals of requirements and data information.
NEW, QUOTATION, QUALIFIED, PROPOSITION, and WON are the various stages.

The commencement of the Business opportunity is defined by new stages.

The cost estimation necessary for the opportunity is described in the Quotation step.

The following step determines if the project is qualified to begin, and the Preposition stage establishes the probability % and related status.

The WON is the final stage. It will demonstrate the project's implementation results. 
Between project implementation and completion, we can maintain track of the various activities associated with the project.
Furthermore, a customer can appoint his or her team members to carry out the various stages, which involve taking notes on the business and scheduling tasks such as calls, meetings, follow-up, demos, and so on to the given team member with dates. The team member can establish categories and priorities based on the business, and then use the CRM filtering tool to sort out the required dates. 
As I previously stated in the quote stage, cost estimation includes sub-components such as delivering a quotation, accepting a sales order after confirming the price, and issuing an invoice to complete the business project with partial payments. Above is an example of a quotation copy. 
As a customer, you can use chart and bar graph implementation to list the relevant data.
Odoo 15 CRM Module provides rigorous strategic planning, clear performance measures, and a coordinated program that changes when new technology is implemented. This guarantees that all input data and expected consequences of the business opportunity are covered. 
Odoo 15 CRM Module
Ismail Harake December 6, 2021
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