Odoo 15 CRM Module Configuration Settings

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Odoo 15 CRM Module Configuration Settings
Ismail Harake

Odoo CRM Module Configuration Settings

Odoo CRM Module (Customer Relationship Management) is the ideal solution for managing and developing a company's relationship with its customers. The website, emails, and other mediums are used to create leads. From within the module, you can generate and review complete analytical reports for the CRM functions you've performed. The module's integration functionality allows for a smooth flow of work throughout the organization. The module can be used to integrate sales, marketing, and performance management, which can help to speed up the process. Apart from generating leads and converting them into clients, the Odoo CRM module also helps you follow up on them. You can plan activities and meetings with leads in order to convert them into potential customers. 
CRM assists the organization in locating and maintaining customers. This process of managing client interactions has become an essential aspect of every organization. The program was created to help businesses manage the process and make it easier. There is a lot of dedicated software on the market. Odoo ERP, the all-in-one solution for all of your business activities, includes a CRM module that is more productive and efficient than specialist software. 
You can customize the general settings in the Odoo CRM module to meet your company's needs. CRM, Lead Generation, and Partner Commissions are among the general configuration choices. 

Odoo CRM Module (Configuration settings)

The goal of CRM software for small organizations is to preserve client relationships while simultaneously growing income. With Odoo CRM, you can establish recurring plans and revenues on Opportunities. The company can choose whether or not to define recurring programs and revenues. You can handle the defined recurring plans if the company insists on defining them. 

(Odoo CRM Module Configuration Settings)

The recurring plans can be viewed by selecting the Manage Recurring Plans option. You may see a list of plans as well as the number of months they will last. 

Simply click the CREATE button to start creating a new plan.
A new row will appear, where you may name the plan and choose the number of months it will cover. 

CRM's sophisticated features aid in the creation of commercial prospects for customers. You can add a qualification step before generating an opportunity or a client by selecting the Leads option from the settings menu. A contact form filled out by the lead on the website, a business card you received, or an unqualified prospectus file you import can all be used as qualification steps. When a lead qualifies for the next phase, it can be converted into a potential or business customer and added to your contact list. 
You can assign salespeople to several Sales Teams by checking the Multi Teams checkbox because the sales department is integrated with the CRM module. A salesperson can work on many teams in this fashion. You can assess the employee's performance and, if necessary, add him or her to other sales teams. 
Statistical probability can be useful for closing a lead. The success rate of a lead in CRM is calculated based on the lead's Stage, Phone Quality, and Email Quality. By clicking on the UPDATE PROBABILITIES button, you can update projected lead scoring probabilities. To predict utilizing statistical analysis, you can add more fields. You can analyze all of the leads created since that date by providing the date of creation. 
Based on the rules, you can assign leads to salespeople automatically. You can assign leads based on rules on a regular basis by clicking the Rule-Based Assignment checkbox. Unless otherwise provided, this configuration will be used by all sales teams as the default setting. Running can be set to either Manually or Repeatedly. Selecting Repeatedly allows you to specify the time period during which the repetition should occur. In the event of a repeat, the date and time for the next run must also be given. 

Lead Generation

Lead enrichment facilitates the collection of data from the leads generated. This method can provide accurate information on the lead while also reducing the workload of the Marketing and Promotion team. The lead's email address is used to enrich the data. The Lead Enrichment option can be enabled in the settings, and you can choose whether lead enrichment should be done on all leads automatically or on-demand. To carry out lead enrichment, you'll need credits, which you can get through the Odoo website. To examine your services, select View My Services from the drop-down menu, and the details of the services, as well as their balance credits, will appear. 
You can use the Lead Mining feature to generate leads from your website pages and other probable places where clients might submit their contact information. New leads will be created based on country, language, size, and other factors. Credits are required for lead mining, just as they are for lead enrichment. 

By enabling the Visits to Leads option, visitors to your website can be transformed into performance data or leads. The IP addresses of visitors are recorded and converted into leads through lead enrichment. 

Partners Commissions

You can control how frequently purchase orders are automatically confirmed. It can be set to Manually, which means that the orders will be manually confirmed by the staff, or Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly. You can also specify a minimum amount that must be paid in order for the purchase order to be automatically confirmed.

Apart from the standard setup settings, you can also define Sales Teams, Activity Types, Recurring Plans, pipelines, Resellers, and Lead Generation in Odoo CRM. You can adjust Odoo CRM according to your company's needs with Odoo CRM configuration. Odoo CRM is the ideal choice for your company because of its adaptability to the needs of the business. 
The Odoo CRM Module allows you to generate leads as well as mine and score them. The module can greatly benefit the sales and marketing teams, as well as reduce their workload. 
Odoo 15 CRM Module Configuration Settings
Ismail Harake January 4, 2022
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