Odoo 15 CRM Module Lead Generation

Odoo 15 CRM module Lead Generation

External interactions and relationships can be properly managed by different departments like sales, marketing and  business development in an effective way with CRM. It saves the details of the customers, their contact information, purchase records and helps in analysing the sales opportunities and campaigns that can be used to turn the lead into a potential customer. Retaining the customers is also as important as making new customers. Therefore it is necessary to be in contact with the customers and maintain them in the company. 

Odoo 15 CRM module (Lead Generation)

Odoo 15 CRM Module 

Odoo ERP includes a CRM solution that can help you manage your client relationships more efficiently and effectively. Odoo can be used to manage customers instead of utilizing a separate solution. Odoo outperforms other specialised CRMs on the market in terms of performance and productivity. 
Odoo CRM module was created with the goal of enhancing customer satisfaction while also increasing company profits. The CRM module's dashboard provides information about the company's status in terms of lead relationships. The possibility for boosting profits is described by analyzing the categories and the revenue planned to be created from the phases. Another important aspect of Odoo CRM module is that it allows you to create many types of reports. The module provides easy access to reports on partnership analysis, pipeline activity, pipeline analysis, forecasts, and dashboards. 

Lead Generation

In any company process, having leads is a crucial stage. This will aid in selecting who should be contacted for business and with whom marketing should continue. Leads can be created from any aspect in Odoo module. The information from the website module may be simply transferred to the CRM as leads because the module is connected with other modules. Even those who have attended the company's events are considered leads. Visitors to the firm's website, individuals or businesses who contact the company via email, and those who engage in live chat activities on websites are all counted and logged as leads in Odoo CRM module.  Their data is kept on file and used for follow-up.
Lead enrichment in Odoo 15 allows you to learn more about those leads for which you only have a little information. The details of the lead available on web platforms are obtained through lead enrichment. Depending on the credits available, you can make the lead enrichment procedure automatic or manual. To complete each enrichment, you'll need credits, which you may get from Odoo's official website. 
The GENERATE LEADS button on the odoo CRM module dashboard can be used to generate leads from Odoo CRM. On the screen, a form page will appear. You will need to enter details such as number of Companies or Companies and their contacts that have to be generated, name of the Countries and States from which companies must be chosen, type of Industry the generating company should have, whether filtering should be done on the basis of size of the company and if the filtering should be done based on the size then the number of employees working in the company, name of the Sales Team, name of the Salesperson and Default Tags. After you've filled out the form, click the GENERATE LEADS button. The outcomes will be shown on the screen.
Following the acquisition of leads, the organization must take measurements to convert the generated leads into potential consumers. By scheduling meetings and delivering quotations, Odoo CRM assists you in keeping relationships with leads. You can schedule activities with the leads and inform them about the company's services and goods. When the client's interests are considered, they are more likely to stay with the company and approve the quotation. The marketing team can devise techniques for increasing client interaction, which the sales team can then follow up on in order to increase sales orders. 


Odoo CRM is an excellent tool for both new businesses looking for fresh leads and experienced businesses looking to retain and develop their customer base. CRM provides profitability and fair treatment of consumers through its systematic and coordinated ways. The credits needed for lead generation can be readily obtained from the Odoo website using the CRM module. Apart from these capabilities, Odoo CRM ensures that all data saved in the database is kept safe and that information cannot be seen without access. Odoo ensures the security of data generated and gathered. 

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Odoo 15 CRM Module Lead Generation
Ismail Harake October 14, 2021
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Odoo 15 CRM Lead Management