Odoo 15 CRM Outstanding New Features

June 15, 2022 by
Odoo, Moe Fawaz

Odoo 15 CRM Outstanding New Features

Odoo 15 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a one-stop-shop for all types of business tycoons looking to run their operations effectively. If it performs an unmistakable function in the customer management session, an ERP is an enchanting and dynamic tool. Odoo ERP is well-equipped and tuned to handle a wide range of customers as well as designed business businesses. The Odoo 15 CRM can modulate present and prospective consumers with the ERP software system. CRM is an indisputable commercial component in Odoo ERP. It can be adjusted for your business depending on the size of your firm.

In this digitalized era, the powerful Odoo ERP software system creates the Odoo CRM through an indispensable business application used in your gadgets. CRM in Odoo ERP is a tool that connects your company's sales team and other departments with customers. With the Odoo CRM, the appropriate authority in your organization may gain access to and monitor the sales staff, as well as how they are managed and conduct business with customers. The CRM module in Odoo 15 may provide your organization with as many outcomes as you like. It allows your company to thrive and grow by providing new chances while also keeping an eye on any risks.

You may equip your firm with a credible hook-up with your customers with the Odoo 15 CRM. You can learn about the clients who are interested in your company. Odoo CRM is a platform for managing client relationships. Odoo CRM tools are also essential for generating leads. You can convert leads into possibilities and deals in a fraction of the time using Odoo CRM.

What are the benefits of CRM for all businesses? Customers are the foundation of the business. They must provide them with Odoo 15 ERP, a dedicated and adaptable ERP software. In the current computerized era, Odoo CRM plays an irreversible part in managing clients and meeting their wants in a timely manner. Executives and managers can rapidly get comprehensive questions and complaints about their products, as well as suggestions from the sales staff for solving difficulties with Odoo CRM. You can also follow up and keep the status updated as per the generations with the dedicated Odoo 15 CRM tools; you can find the blossoming opportunities of your organization with the dynamic Odoo Customer Relationship Management tool.

This blog focuses on the brand new capabilities of Odoo CRM (customer relationship management) with Odoo ERP in 2022 with Odoo V-15, the most recent version.

Let's take a look at some of Odoo 15's most notable brand-new features in the Customer Relationship Management space.

Odoo V-15 CRM's All-New Features

A cutting-edge user interface

A user interface that is both flexible and modern allows for the management of a wide range of CRM operations. The dashboard settings in Odoo CRM can help you manage your sales interactions. You can configure it with important recommendations and the greatest features you can put up in the CRM according to your needs.

Data entry is moderate.

The emails you receive from the sender and VoIP calls can both be used to automatically add leads. You may even email quotes with just a few mouse clicks. With the Odoo CRM software, you can control the pipeline by dragging and dropping. Because it includes smart options, you won't have to spend extra time adding leads and sending estimates.

Mobile User Interface That Is Smart

You may use the business application Odoo CRM on your smartphone since it can be configured in your phone and accessed from anywhere.

Accessible In an optimized larger screen perspective, communicate with your sales team.

You can communicate with your sales department via a chatterbox at the bottom of the software, and you can enlarge the screen or adjust the size to your liking to have a dialogue with them. The manager can use this tool to build rapport with the sales staff and, if necessary, discuss meetings.

Maintenance of Leads

You can gather leads automatically with campaigns and send emails directly from Odoo CRM without having to change any email settings for responsive clients or manage activities suited to the leads.

Combine the leads for potential customers.

You may import prospect leads using Odoo's column matching function, which helps you merge potential leads according to your needs.

With the GeoIP, you can get to the leads.

If a visitor comes from anywhere in the world, you can collect leads from them using their IP address and start a business connection with them.

Lead generation that is digitalized

With the Odoo CRM, you can collect potential leads as well as any other leads, allowing you to track all leads generated via websites, emails, phone calls, social media, and a variety of other sources.

Avoiding Reduplication

By converting leads into potential clients, Encompass receives an automatic recommendation. Also, based on the leads, automatically redirect the leads into contacts.

Using Call-to-Actions to Generate Leads

Using Odoo CRM's call-to-action features and the a/b testing tool, you may improve your lead acquisition activities.

Follows a lead rating

You can adhere to the lead rating equivocally and unequivocally based on specified criteria (page views, localization, time). You can use the lead rating to adjust team assignment rules and other business-related actions. With the Odoo CRM, you can evaluate which leads are most likely to convert into opportunities for your company.

Acquisitions on the internet have improved.

By installing more than 30 marketing apps on your website, you may allow the online acquisition to generate more appropriate leads. For example, a search engine optimization tool, form builders, and so on.

Facilitates Chat in real-time

Odoo CRM allows you to have a live chat with your customers, and if the conversation is relevant, you can turn it into a lead, which will activate an opportunity. You can also get access to any important countries or websites that have particular rules.

Limit the scope of the task to your sales team.

Based on quotas and segmentation, you can assign leads to the appropriate salesperson or sales team.

Use URL Trackers to enable the sources.

With the use of a URL tracker obtained from marketing campaigns, you can route the origins of leads.

Providing support for activities and call management

The user in charge can organize the team's and customer management members' activities. They might organize activities with them according to the priority of the clients' business needs. Before signing in to each activity in the opportunity's conversation, users can augment the activity using predetermined activities. In addition, the user can track, log, and analyze the team members' performance in their activities.

Pipeline management tailored to your needs

You can add phases to your pipeline and describe them according to your company needs. Customized stages can be used to manage the pipeline. You can use substages for easy processes and a rapid threshold in your activities with customizable pipeline management. With a few clicks, you can easily handle the pipeline stages using the simple drag-and-drop operation. If there is an automatic loss of archiving activities, you may find it with Odoo CRM, which will also enhance the activities, but the loss will be visible as a separate field rather than a stage. For instance, consider the lost ratio per stage.

Prioritize your work schedules.

Create a work schedule based on the most important things you must complete each day. Plan your daily schedules around your priorities.

Call logs and VoIP calls

Odoo starts immediately with log calls and VoIP calls, and then arranges the next steps once the calls are generated using the CRM.

Set up meetings with customers.

Because your contacts are linked in Odoo CRM, you may plan appointments with your clients from your mobile phones or Google calendars.

Widespread exposure

With the information on the right track, you may get a 360-degree perspective of the opportunities, including pages, websites, emails, follow-up actions, prior orders, meetings, and so on. As a result, the leads you've collected won't be considered irrelevant, and you'll be able to convert them based on their importance.

Emphasize the missed opportunity.

By identifying and emphasizing the missing causes, you may increase your sales efficiency and knowledge, as well as strengthen customer interactions.

Creating an address book and granting restricted access to individuals

In your Odoo CRM, you can tabulate and format the customer's address book, then share the addresses with your salespeople as needed. It will also give you access to the customer's whole history, including opportunities, invoices, orders, total due, and so on. With the Odoo 15 CRM, you can also grant access to language preferences, delivery orders, financial data, and more. You can create various address books and grant access to essential people by supplying multiple addresses from a single firm.

Email gateways and explicit email transfer

We're creating common email templates for common clients and prospects, and we're making it simple to send conversations. Odoo 15 CRM is enhanced by automatically attaching all emails to the appropriate opportunities. Using incoming emails to generate appropriate leads. Custom alerts with critical opportunities based on the right activities can be sent out.

For unsuccessful emails, make immediate calls and auto-assign via a browser pop-up.

You can generate and log calls automatically or manually from the web by opening customer forms and opportunities. You can reschedule failed emails or make an immediate call from the browser to the appropriate customer, with an auto-allocate pop-up forming for the received calls in the browser. Odoo 15 CRM allows you to make integrated VoIP calls.

Advanced reporting and a dashboard template

With your sales team, you may improve by constructing a sophisticated reporting engine and building your own dashboards by adding filter options like Grouping, Drill-down, and so on.
Analysis of Cohorts
You may track each salesperson's KPIs and overtime, as well as track their working hours, using the advanced reporting function cohort analysis.

Statistics and a lead inquiry

You can review the proper lead sources and evaluate the company's return on investment and statistics using the Odoo 15 CRM. With the new CRM, you can also distinguish between leads generated by marketing efforts and potential leads.

Dimensions for viewing

The Odoo 15 CRM module ensures that the user has sufficient viewing space. With its comprehensive data, the viewer can view it in a variety of ways. A Kanban view, a List view, an Activity view, a Calendar view, a Cohort view, a Graph view, a Pivot view, a Map view, and a Dashboard view are all possibilities.
Using CRM in conjunction with other modules

CRM and other modules integration

Integration with other business apps or modules might help Odoo 15 CRM users improve their business processes. Odoo can integrate with the Sales, Inventory, and Warehouse modules, as well as Email Marketing, eCommerce, Events, and POS (point of sale) systems.

Conclusion: Odoo 15 CRM Outstanding New Features

By the end of the blog, users will have a wealth of information on how to use the Odoo 15 CRM and its brand-new features. Odoo CRM is the best and antecedent model for all types of organizations, as it is updated with features and upgrades every year; regardless of its size, it is capable and budget-friendly used ERP in 2022. With Odoo CRM's extensive features, you may boost your company's revenue by a significant margin.

ince 2013, ERPxCloud has been an official Odoo partner and has executed over 100+ Odoo projects for our clients all around the world. We customize and develop Odoo modules to meet specific business needs, ranging from high-volume manufacturing to stand-alone modules. We provide our clients with high-quality information technology and software solutions all around the world.

We have worked with Odoo from version 6 to version 15. Our team has already begun integrating Odoo 15 software for one of our clients – Over 100+ Odoo implementations in industries including manufacturing, trading, eCommerce, and others.

Odoo, Moe Fawaz June 15, 2022
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